Egg’s Sunny Side Up – Self Story with a Bang

This year’s Blogging Theme for the A to Z April Challenge for Chaoticsoulzzz is Food Fiction. Today, E is for Egg’s Sunny Side Up.

In the middle of a pandemic the only concern Maya had, “What to eat?” She told Rudra about the lock down and he told her not to worry, he will manage something. Maya was still worried and decided to go shopping, however, her depression didn’t allow her to go out. She decided to do some panic buying online.

Rudra came home in the evening and told Maya to come down as he has a lot of things for home. Maya was stunned to look at all the things he got. She smiled and then said, “I ordered the same things in the quantity of 4 each.” He laughed and said, “I think we are the only people who has done a lot of panic buying.”

Rudra’s boss declared that they have to work from home and Rudra came back home the next day with his company laptop.

Maya was lying on the bed wondering if they have some eggs. She walked to the kitchen and realized they did not order eggs. She entered her bedroom and saw Rudra busy on a phone call from work. She took out her phone and ordered a few dozen eggs. She shut her eyes and woke up with a door bell. She realized it was evening and she dozed off the whole morning.

Maya opened the door and it was the eggs. She took them and entered the kitchen to see there were already a few dozens. She wondered and asked Rudra. He said he got some as he saw the fridge had only a few. They both laughed as the saw at their kitchen. They had way too much things to eat.

Next day Maya got a call from her best friend saying her building was in a total lock down and they are out of food. Maya wanted to leave her house but her depression didn’t allow her to. She told Rudra to go to her best friend’s house to actually give her some essentials. Rudra left with a few essentials and reached her building. After a while, Maya’s phone rang and it was Rudra. He told her, “I forgot to get the eggs. Can you get them?”

Trying not to panic at the thought of leaving the house, Maya finally left her house and drove to her best friend’s building and gave them the eggs from the other side of the egg. That day was Maya’s Sunny Side Up day.

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