Doughnut – Love Story With a Twist

This year’s Blogging Theme for the A to Z April Challenge for Chaoticsoulzzz is Food Fiction. Today, D is for Doughnut.

“Here’s your order, Sir.”, softly said the new girl in the cafe to Rishi. Rishi was the oldest customer of this cafe, not only in tenure but in age too. Rishi heard this voice for the first time and was intrigued. He looked at her, soft skin, big eyes and red lips. He never saw her before. He asked, “Are you new?” she nodded in a yes while her head was still down. Rishi kept a generous amount of tip for the young lady. 

While at home, he couldn’t stop thinking about the girl from the cafe, her smile. His phone rang and it was his daughter who checked up on him every week. Rishi was 65 year old and lived alone after the death of his wife. He was a retired Army officer. Rishi couldn’t wait for the next day. He reached the cafe a little before his usual time. The other staff of the cafe were surprised to see him early and asking for his breakfast at the table instead of a take away. The new girl approached his table and asked for his order. He replied, “One classic glazed doughnut and espresso.” The girl looked at him and smiled. She came with his order and placed it on the table and left with a smile,

Day after day, Rishi kept coming to the cafe and had the exact same order. Looking at her smile was the best thing about his day. It had been three months of this ritual and finally Rishi asked her, “What’s your name?” She replied, “Meera.” and left with a smile after collecting the plates. It had been a week since Meera did not come to work as she was on her leave. Rishi knew about this and after a week, he came back to the cafe and did not see her. He approached the manager of the cafe and asked, “Where is Meera? She was supposed to resume today, isn’t it?” The manager looked at him and said, “My staff found this in her locker. It was addressed to you. I don’t think she is coming back any time soon.” Rishi took the letter and smiled. It was addressed as – 

“Doughnut Man,

This must be very sudden. Finding this letter after a week of waiting and hoping to see each other. Let me just tell you this, it was a pleasure to see someone order the plain classic doughnut. Think of me every time you take a bite of that doughnut.


Rishi stopped going to the cafe and instead asked his daughter if she could stay with him for a while. Rishi fell sick immediately after his daughter moved in with him. One night, Rishi woke up his daughter and told her, “I think it is a heart attack.” His daughter looked at the pale face of her father and saw him collapse on the floor. She called in his doctor and they moved him to the hospital. He was awake after 12 hours and he woke up to a doughnut on the table. He smiled and was confused. His daughter got him some flowers and he asked, “Who got the doughnut?” He heard a voice he had been longing for and then came the smile. 

Meera was his nurse who got him the doughnut he loved and she loved to serve it to him.

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