First Step towards my Mental Health

There are wounds that never show on the body that are deeper and more hurtful than anything that bleeds. Laurell K. Hamilton

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The Messy-Organized Girl

There’s one thing about organizing things – ‘It is messed-up’. If you understand that statement, we can be friends. No! Really!

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Rape: A New Indian Culture

There’s ample of blogs, vlogs, videos and articles out there about rape. Everyone is trying to create some awareness, but trust me it is all going in vain.

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The Murder

Maya woke up and felt sick. She started sneezing and decided to call in sick. She couldn’t think of sitting at work with her totally unglamorous running nose and blood-red eyes.

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Shahrukh Khan – Birthday Post

This one’s an extract from a post written by me in 2015.

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New blog on the way!

A quick life update about my completely irrelevant life: I have moved to Pune around 4 months ago and fell sick twice. Additionally, it is time you guys congratulate me for my promotion as an Assistant Manager.

I along with my two girlfriends have decided to go to Goa, the following year and right now my body weight which is 97kgs needs to go down a bit. I do not have a lot of time, but I am still taking baby steps. I have decided to change my eating habits and go for a low carb/keto diet. Also, there is an app that helps you rent out things, so I have decided to rent an air bike that at least reminds me of getting some work out done.

Worse thing is that I haven’t been able to blog a lot, so I am planning to start a basic cooking blog for keto/low carb diet recipes. Instead of a food diary, I am keeping a food blog!

Anyway, will post the blog details here when it is created.

Until then, Ciao!

Creative Constipation

It’s been ages since I have written down something interesting, rather something at all.

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American Dream – Day 1 – A to Z April Challenge

A lot of Indians like Maya had the American dream of being a citizen of the greatest economy of the world.

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Understanding the human brain – Rant – 1

There have been many instances wherein I have given direct rather than subtle hints on the fact that I may need HELP.

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Single BFF vs Married BFF

This one was long due, wasn’t it?

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She wore her new dress.

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Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

The day of love is just a few weeks away.

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Social Media

Do you read my blogs?

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See you soon!

Chapter 30 | It’s Over

Maya woke Deva up and asked, “Did we?” He smiled and said,

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Always the Fat Kid!

I am the fat kid from school, who used to sit on the first bench, but not academically intelligent. I was smart, but not intelligent. I liked subjects that were considered to be ‘okay-ish’ – English! Science, Maths and History, never inspired me. I used to love writing in school. I used to write diaries back then, about my school crush, about suicides, about my dream and sadly a lot about Body Shaming myself. It was better to body shame myself rather than listening to the world outside.

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Was it her fault, all along?

When the lights went off,

The tears fell, she sulked, she cried

It’s the flashback from the past,

Why did he go?

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Unspoken Words

Maya was scrolling down her social media page, when she heard a message beep ring.

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It Hurts

Loving you and knowing, you won’t, hurts
Crying deep within, but a broad smile on the face, hurts
Not being a part of the special day, hurts
Wishing for your happiness, at the cost of my tears, hurts

Looking into the wall to find you with the others, hurts
More than a decade, but breaking heart in 10 seconds, hurts
Realization of not being a part of your life, hurts
Not able to share the feelings, hurts

You being like others, who left, hurts
You not choosing me, hurts
Moreover, it hurts that these things are not even half of what the mind feels!

This is just a rant…. Ignore it guys!!

A Myth: Best friend likes the bride’s choice of guy

Love and friendship are two things that can change your life for the good or worse.

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Best Friend vs Bride to be – 1

“A friend is the one with whom you share some really good memories, a best friend is the one with whom you have lived those memories.”

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