Mental Health

Disappointment or Disheartened?

It's been so long since I have published a post. Let's talk about disappointment and disheartened. Disappointment and feeling disheartened are two distinct emotional experiences, although they share some similarities. Disappointment is the feeling of sadness or frustration when something does not meet our expectations or falls short of what we had hoped for. For… Continue reading Disappointment or Disheartened?

Chaoticsoulzzz · Relationship

Ghosting: Side effect of Abandonment Issues

I have spoken to multiple men on dating apps and have shamelessly ghosted them. Some of them were really the good one’s too. There were days when I gave it a lot of thought, “Why am I ghosting these guys?” The only response I got from the inner voice was “Abandonment Issues”. I have always… Continue reading Ghosting: Side effect of Abandonment Issues


How am I dealing with depression in 2021?

It’s been pretty long since I’ve blogged. It’s just been a set of busy months, that’s it! I’m here to talk about ‘Mental Health’ again. It’s October, the start of winter and my anxiety about getting an episode of Seasonal Affective Depression has already started. The episodes are really bad and I don’t want to… Continue reading How am I dealing with depression in 2021?


Which bucket are you in?

This world is made up of many elements. The human race has different kind of people. We have some conventional human beings while some unconventional. Who decides to put whom in which bucket? It is the set rule book that no one has ever seen. Growing up in an Indian Middle-Class household had its perks… Continue reading Which bucket are you in?