Appletini – Love Story with a twist

This year’s Blogging Theme for the A to Z April Challenge for Chaoticsoulzzz is Food Fiction. Today, A is for Appletini.

Maya was tired but her fiance asked her to meet at the restaurant near her workplace. Maya was asked to take the seat by the bar while the restaurant can arrange for a table. She sent a text to Sahil, her fiance, letting him know she has reached. Maya looked through her phone, checked her emails and ordered a Tequila Sunrise cocktail.

She called up her mother letting her know she could be late as she is meeting Sahil. It was her second cocktail, she was still waiting for Sahil and a proper seat. The bartender got her an Appletini. Maya looked at him and said, “I did not order this.” Bartender pointed towards a guy sitting at the end of the bar and said, “It is from the Sir at that end.” Maya smiled at the guy and the bartender and accepted the drink. She saw the guy walking up to her seat. Maya shifted herself a little on the seat and thanked him again. He smiled and said, “You are a very pretty woman. I cannot leave without knowing your name.” She smiled and said, “Maya…” He looked at her with a grin and said, “Rudra…” He asked her if she was seeing someone. Maya nodded in a yes and took a sip from the Appletini. She said, “I have tried for the first time. It is nice. Appletini, is it?” Rudra nodded in a yes and stood up. He shook her hand and said, “I know it is kind of weird for me to offer you the drink and then talking to you, but let me just let you know that I liked you the moment I laid my eyes on you.” Maya smiled and said, “There is no harm in liking someone, in fact it is really bold of you  to approach a person you like. How often do we actually walk up to someone.” 

The waiter approaches Maya along with Sahil and she stands up. Sahil puzzledly looks at her and she says, “This is Rudra, he suggested the Appletini here is really good.” she looks at Rudra and smiles and says, “This is Sahil, my fiance.” They both shake their hands and the waiter interrupts saying, “Ma’am your table is now ready.” Maya thanks him and bids goodbye to Rudra. She and Sahil walk towards the table. She turns around one more time and finds Rudra standing there staring at her and she flashes a smile.

Rudra sits at the bar one more time and stares at their table. He sees them talking, arguing and he notices Maya’s head going down as if she were crying. At that moment he wanted to grab her from her chair and kiss her. He was just going to get up while the bartender tells him, “Sir, the ma’am has sent this for you.” Rudra looks at her table and sees them get up, walk towards the gate, and in no time, they vanish from the restaurant. Rudra looks at the drink by Maya to him, it is an Appletini with a note that says – ‘Thank you for letting me explore new options. Maya Ghosh.’ 

Rudra smiles because she gave away her full name and he didn’t know if it was a sign that he can find her on social media. He knew nothing, but all he did was keep the note in his pocket and had a sip of the Appletini.


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18 thoughts on “Appletini – Love Story with a twist

  1. Interesting twist to the writings… Have fun with this new challenge. Tip on the A to Z: Keep a draft to log url’s to any posts you want to keep up with… they ask you to do a write up at the end of your journey… it helps to have the posts handy of who you want to keep visiting. Keep Writing

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