Honey: A Twisted Love Story

This year’s Blogging Theme for the A to Z April Challenge for Chaoticsoulzzz is Food Fiction. Today, H is for Honey. 

Tanya was a shy girl who worked as an assistant to the director of a company. Her boss Anthony was a married man but a womanizer. He tried hitting on every girl in the company except for Tanya. Tanya was one of the assistants that his wife selected. Tanya was a plump girl who wore big spectacles and dressed conservatively. Anthony never was attracted to her. Tanya did her work diligently and went home at the end of her shift. One night, Tanya entered Anthony’s office and told him, “Sir, I need an off day after tomorrow.” He raised an eyebrow and said, “This is the first time you are asking for an off. Is everything okay?” She said, “Yes Sir, I just have some personal work.” Anthony approved her off and asked her to leave for the day. 

It was the day of Tanya’s off. At work, everything was a little delayed, from Anthony’s coffee to the schedule of the meetings. It was a disastrous day for Anthony and all he wanted to do was go and have drinks with his friends. He called up one of his friends and he told Anthony to meet up at a club. Anthony reached there right after work and ordered a couple of whiskey for himself. While he was down quite a few drinks, he wanted to dance and wanted to take a girl to a hotel room. His eyes were on this particular girl who has been dancing all night with her friends. Anthony for some reason couldn’t take his eyes off her. He walked to the girl and said, “Can I dance with you?” The girl turned around and Anthony was taken aback, it was Tanya. He gasped, “Tanya?” The girl nodded in a no and leaned towards him and asked him, “Who is Tanya?” He said, “My assistant looks exactly like you, ill-dressed but just like you.” The girl laughed and said, “Do you think I am ill-dressed?” Anthony smiles in a no and says, “Not at all.” She says, “So can I be your assistant?” He laughed and nodded in a no and started dancing with this girl. Anthony kept on ordering drinks for him, her and her friends. By the time the club was about to shut down, Anthony was very drunk. The girl asked him, “Do you want me to drop you home?” He held her by her waist and said, “Do you want to accompany me to a hotel?” She nodded in a yes and they took a cab to the nearest hotel. 

As they entered the room, the girl threw Anthony on the bed and started kissing him. Anthony was wasted and woke up the next day with a terrible headache. He found himself in the hotel room naked. The girl from last night wasn’t around and there were 12 miss calls from his assistant Tanya. Anthony couldn’t remember a lot of things from last night but he remembered there was a hot girl he came to this room with who resembled his assistant. When he got off the bed, he realized his body was very sticky. There was honey all over him. He took a shower and left for home. He called up Tanya and said, “I won’t be coming in today. Please postpone all my meetings.” Tanya was scared on the phone and said, “Sir you have to come to work. There is something you need to see.” Anthony rushed to work and found the entire office with his pictures from last night with a girl. The girl who looked like Tanya. There were pictures of them getting intimate with honey. 

As soon as he entered his cabin and switched on his computer, the entire office was filled with moans from a video that was playing on his computer. Video of their night in the hotel with honey. Video of him licking off honey from her body while she did the same. Anthony was embarrassed and looked at Tanya. He left work and reached home to find his wife completely furious. The whole incident was sent to her on her mobile phone. Anthony told her, “Honey, this is some sort of conspiracy. This isn’t me in the video.” His wife snapped, “Don’t you dare call me honey.” He cried and was confused. He had no idea as to what was going on. In a few weeks he was kicked out of office and his wife filed for a divorce and claimed for a huge amount of alimony as he cheated on her. 

Anthony was shattered and when he had nothing at all, he went back to the bar and drank unless he was knocked out. The hotel staff called his wife and said, “Ma’am, he is drunk again. Should we send him home?” His wife replied, “No” and disconnected the call. She was sitting in her house with Tanya and laughed and said, “Honey, do you need more champagne?” 

Tanya was the same girl from the club. She and Anthony’s wife were in love for a very long time, but they knew if she left Anthony for no reason they wouldn’t get a single penny, but with his weakness in women there was a high chance they could prove him guilty of cheating and take a good share of his property. 

Tanya replied, “I wouldn’t mind some more champagne, honey.” They both laughed.


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