French Toast: A twisted love story

This year’s Blogging Theme for the A to Z April Challenge for Chaoticsoulzzz is Food Fiction. Today, F is for French Toast.

Five years of marriage came to an end when Mahi caught Betty cheating on her with their common friend – Anne.

Mahi came out as Bi-sexual when she was 15. Mahi was an Indian but was raised in New York and she met Elizabeth (Betty) in her law school. Betty was not interested in studying law, but her conservative English parents wanted her to study law like everyone in the family. Anne was an artist from New York and of French descent. Mahi and Betty met Anne in a LGBTIQ pride 3 years ago and became friends. 

Mahi came home early from work and opened the door of their room and found Betty and Anne together. Mahi lost her sanity and left the house but she had no place else to go. She had to leave her parents when she came out as Bi and no one supported her. She ended up in a cafe and couldn’t believe her eyes. She wanted to take drastic steps. She has been seeing how messy divorces are and going through one was the last thing she wanted. See saw her phone ring but couldn’t receive it. She could see Anne and Betty calling her. She wanted to yell on the top of her voice, but she couldn’t, so she looked at her surroundings and realized everyone was looking at her, especially a French guy sitting across the table. She wiped her face and asked for some coffee. She sat there wondering her next steps. She regretted how she never made any other friend all these years. The two people she trusted the most, cheated on her.

It was a lot of coffee later that she realized she has been seated in the same place for over hours and so was the French guy. She paid the bill and started walking towards her home, when she felt someone walk up next to her. She turned around and it was the same guy, he pulled her in the corner and started kissing her neck. Mahi told him, “Hey you’ve got to go.” Antonio replied, “Hey baby, I can’t leave, I have been missing you.” Mahi looked at him and said, “I just saw my wife cheat on me. I will call you later.” She kissed him one more time and she decided to take massive measures in her marriage. 

She purchased the house and had total ownership on it. She opened the door and there was complete silence. She saw half the things in her apartment were gone. She ran to her bedroom and there was no sign of them. She wondered, “Did they leave?” She sat in the drawing room, waiting for them. 

It was midnight when she woke up and found herself in her bedroom. She could hear someone in the kitchen. She walked towards it. It was Betty making French Toast. Mahi looked at Betty and frowned. Betty kissed Mahi and asked, “You slept way too well, I guess.” Mahi looked at her confused and wondered, “Why is she acting as if nothing happened?” Mahi asked her, “Who put me in the bedroom? Why are you still here?” Betty looked at her and asked, “You slept in the bedroom – yesterday after work. WHere else will I be?” Mahi was confused now and went back to the bedroom and wondered, if she was dreaming all this while, She looked at her phone and found only calls and texts from Anne, there was none from Betty. Anne had sent her basic texts on their plans for Betty’s birthday. 

Mahi was totally confused while Betty entered the room with a plate full of French Toast and told Mahi, “Did you see a bad dream? You were crying in your sleep.” Mahi nodded in a yes. Betty handed the plate to Mahi and she took the first bite of her French Toast and told Betty, “I think I need help. We should look for a therapist.”

Mahi continued eating the French Toast while Betty left the room to make some more for her and texted Anne -’It’s been taken care of. She doesn’t remember anything. She is having some French Toast. LOL’ 

Mahi knew Betty was lying and she followed her to the kitchen and said, “So baby, apparently we both love French Toast a lot.” Mahi left the kitchen with a wicked smile. Betty was confused. 

Mahi took another bite of her French Toast.

Alton Brown Makes French Toast | Food Network - YouTube



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