Garlic – A Unique Love Affair

This year’s Blogging Theme for the A to Z April Challenge for Chaoticsoulzzz is Food Fiction. Today, G is for Garlic.

Rati was a 25 year old girl who moved to Mumbai four years ago, she had two best friends – Tanya and Anu. Rati had another friend, but he was the guy who was desperately in love with her. She liked Swami as a friend and nothing more, however, that did not stop Swami from having feelings for Rati. Rati on the other hand was attracted to Ansh, who was based out of California. 

One evening, over drinks, Rati told Tanya and Anu that she tried to get physical with Swami when he was in Mumbai, but they weren’t able to get through it. Tanya questioned her with all the details. Rati said, “I am not sure, every time he mentioned we will get intimate today – I ordered food with a lot of garlic and it was just a mood spoiler and that made me happy.” Tanya told her, “Maybe Swami isn’t the one for you. When you don’t eat garlic at the thought of getting intimate, that’ll be the guy for you.” Anu smiled and looked at Rati. It was over months since this discussion among the girls and Rati asked Anu, “Remember the day you me and Tanya were having drinks and discussing about the garlic-logic, why did you not say anything? You always have some logic to everything we say.” Anu smiled and said, “Can I ask you something?” Rati nodded in a yes and Anu continued, “Have you ever tried playing with yourself? Touched yourself in a sexual manner?” Rati hesitantly nodded in a no Anu continued, “Got aroused when you saw an adult movie or felt anything after reading an erotica?” Rati nodded in a confused no. Anu told her, “How many times have you done the garlic thing when with a guy?” Rati said, “Every time I was with a guy.” Anu looked at her asking, “When with Ansh?” Rati nodded in a yes. Anu told her, “See I am not sure and I am not a doctor but have you ever considered researching asexuality?” 

Rati was confused and looked at Anu. Anu said, “Don’t think it is something bad. It is a way of living. It is not a medical problem. Just go and do some research on it.” This discussion was over a year now and in the middle of the day Rati sent Anu a video on asexuality. Anu acknowledged and said, “I have seen it before.” Rati asked, “Can an asexual person feel romance?” Anu promptly responded, “Of course. Sex and Love are two different feelings. Also, asexuality is not a taboo of any sort.” Rati sent her a virtual nod and told herself, “Not everyone will be as understanding as Anu. It is better to keep my garlic ready before any intimate moment.”

A week later, Rati had a date with a guy and met him at a restaurant. He said, “Your name – Rati means goddess of love, carnal desire, lust, passion and sexual pleasure.” Rati laughed louder than ever and said, “I will have some veg Alfredo Pasta with double topping of garlic and 2 slices of garlic bread with extra garlic and fries with a garlic sauce.”

Rati sighed of relief when the order came and she smelled a lot of Garlic.


Garlic, Purple Garlic, Head Of Garlic, Clove Of Garlic
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