This year’s Blogging Theme for the A to Z April Challenge for Chaoticsoulzzz is Food Fiction. Today, B is for Broccoli. 

Noorie got married when she was 19, she fell in love with Abhay, a guy who was not following the same religion as hers and was a complete no for her parents. Noorie eloped ten years ago and doesn’t regret her decision. She tried contacting her parents after she got married but they decided not to have any relation with her. Abhay was an Assistant Manager and loved Noorie. They were trying to conceive a kid for a very long time, however, it was difficult for them. 

It was Sunday, and as always, they were out to buy things for the entire week. At the supermarket, Noorie was looking at the vegetable section and stood there for a while. Abhay surprised her from behind and asked her, “What is it?” Noorie said, “I always wondered what I could cook out of Broccoli.” Abhay laughed, “Baby, that is the last vegetable I want on my plate. It simply looks ugly and has no purpose. It just sits there. It is like a lazy person on his couch, doing absolutely nothing.” Noorie looked at Abhay and asked, “So if there is something that is ugly or lazy, you’ll just ignore it? Leave it?” Abhay looked at her confusingly and said, “Hey, I was just talking about the Broccoli.” He smiled and took the trolley to the milk section. Noorie stood there for a while and walked away. 

The week later, Abhay informed Noorie he will be out for the whole day on Sunday, so she will have to do the grocery shopping on her own. Noorie stood again at the vegetable counter next to the Broccoli and wondered, “If I become ugly tomorrow, will he leave me? Will he leave me if I am of no use and cannot give him a baby?” She took two bunches of Broccoli and at the taxi stand she received a call from her husband. “Hello?” It wasn’t Abhay. It was a call from a random person who informed her, Abhay met with an accident and was admitted in a hospital. Noorie ran to the hospital and asked for Abhay. She ran to the room and saw him lying on the hospital bed. He looked pale. She looked at him with teary eyes. He cried and told her, “Can you please lift up the bedsheet?” Noorie looked at the nurse and she lifted up the bedsheet and was shocked to see that he lost a leg. 

Abhay rested while the nurse asked her to go home and take rest while they could serve him lunch. The lunch arrived and Noorie cried after seeing his plate – it was a plate full of Broccoli.

Broccoli, Vegetable, Plate, Still Life

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  1. Hmmm. I’m left wondering if it was a produce truck that hit him. It could have dropped all of its wares except for cases of broccoli. Their next stop was the hospital. Could be. 🙂

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