Chocolate Ice Cream– An UnLove Story

This year’s Blogging Theme for the A to Z April Challenge for Chaoticsoulzzz is Food Fiction. Today, C is for Chocolate Ice Cream.

Ashi was a chubby girl and met Sid at work and fell in love. After a few months, she noticed her weight gain. She cried for hours and told her mother, “I worked so hard to lose weight. I have gained 10 kilograms.” Her mother looked at her and said, “Do you think you were diligently working on your diet since you met Sid?” Ashi nodded in a no and continued crying. 

Ashi was an emotional eater before she met Sid. Sid always got her a chocolate ice cream when they met. She met him for a date wearing a pajama and T-shirt and Sid laughed at her and asked, “What happened? You are not dressed like yourself.” She replied with tears in her eyes, “Because I don’t feel like myself. I have gained 10 kilograms and I do not fit in my clothes.” Sid hugged her and said, “I love you for the way you are.” and gave her the chocolate ice cream. Ashi smiled and hugged him. 

It was almost four years for Sid and Ashi. One afternoon while Ashi was at Sid’s place, she heard his phone ring. She peeked into his phone and saw a girl’s name reflect. She knew this female from work. 

In the last four years, Ashi became quite insecure about her relationship and gained weight. She asked him about the call and he replied, “She is from work. You know her. She is a part of my team.” Ashi looked at herself in the mirror and touched her jiggling rolls of flesh near her tummy and sighed in pain.

It had been a week since the mysterious phone call. Ashi sent a text to Sid asking if they can meet. He replied saying, “I’ll meet you tomorrow. I am at work – overtime.”

Ashi decided to stalk the girl on social media. She looked through her profile and ended up on her story. This girl was completely opposite to what Ashi was and this made her very insecure. Her story stated she was on a date with Sid. Ashi was heartbroken.

She met Sid the next day and as always he got her a chocolate ice cream. Ashi told him, “I don’t need this. I am on a diet, again” Sid frowned and asked her, “What for? Do you want to lose weight and have an affair?” Ashi threw the chocolate ice cream and told him, “No, so that I am not fooled by a chocolate ice cream the next time, while my boyfriend is having an affair with a girl who is half my weight.” Sid asked her, “What are you talking about?” Ashi showed him the screenshot of the girl’s story and said, “Why did you cheat on me?” He said, “Now that you know. I cheated on you because you were fat. I gave you chocolate ice cream, every time I slept with another woman. I couldn’t leave you because you are my safety net. I wasn’t aware you can grow this fat.” 

This incident changed Ashi for the good. She not only lost weight in the next six months, but also met a guy while she was fat and he actually loved her and supported her with all her life decisions. One night, while she was on a date, she came across Sid working there as a server. Ashi looked at him and stopped. Her then boyfriend asked her, “Who is that?” Sid saw her and tried to approach her and Ashi looked at her boyfriend and said, “He is the Chocolate Ice Cream guy I told you about.” She smiled at Sid and said, “Table for two. We need an additional serving of chocolate ice cream before and after the meal. Thanks.”

Sid frowned as he saw them walk past.

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