Hanging Out |A to Z Challenge – Day 8

Day 8 | Letter: H

“I’ll be home in a while baby.” Asha told her husband while having coffee with her boyfriend. Asha, a middle class woman found love in two men, one being her husband and the other her ex-college professor.

Asha’s husband loves adventure and often is out of town for some road trip with his biker friends. He works as a freelance travel writer. Asha on the other hand hates traveling and instead loves to stay at home.

Akshay, Asha’s boyfriend and ex-colege professor was a man in his mid fifties, a widower and loved spending time with Asha.

While having coffee, Akshay asked her, “what happened?” “Ahh no it was just Mehul, he has come home and didn’t see me, so called.” Akshay asked her to go home but she insisted in staying with him. “What am I to you?”, asked Asha. “you know that we can’t take our relationship public.” Akshay said. Asha was furious and left the coffee house.

She reached home and found that Mehul had been arranging a surprise party for their 7th Wedding Anniversary. Asha had forgotten about the whole anniversary and she was guilty about it.

Mehul, gave her a new phone as their anniversary gift. After a few days, Mehul left for a bike trip to Leh. Asha knew he’d be gone for days. She called up Akshay and asked him to come over.

Akshay rang the bell. Asha was dressed in a black saree, revealing most of her Lady parts. Akshay smiled and entered and looked around. “You have a nice home”, Akshay said looking at a picture of Asha and Mehul. Asha turned the picture around and hugged Akshay. She kissed him every time he tried to stop her. He couldn’t control his feelings or his manhood.

He pushed Asha against the wall and moved his hand all over her bare back and waist. He pressed her against the wall by pinning his whole body onto her. “Ahhh…”, she moaned when she felt his arousal. She turned around to tear off Akshay’s shirt and said, “Please… Let me be yours.” Akshay stopped and told her, “Asha what about you and Mehul?”Asha kissed him back fiercely this time to tell him to stop taking. Akshay forgot about everything and picked up Asha to the bedroom.

He threw her on the bed, he was aroused to see her so vulnerable and begging for his touch. Akshay smiled and thought,” why should I bother about them.” He crawled up the bed and put his body weight on Asha. She smiled until she felt her saree coming off her body.

The whole room was filled with their moans. Akshay left as soon as he was up from the small power nap and sent a text to Asha, ‘You are too hot. I had to leave because we both know it is wrong.’ Asha kept calling Akshay but there was no response from him. Asha was furious as he stood her out.

After a few weeks, Mehul came back home and handed the divorce paper to Asha and told her that he had a doubt on her and Akshay and hence he gave her the phone, that recorded all her conversations with Akshay.

Asha was broken and she told Mehul, “It all started up with we hanging out.”Mehul smiled and said,” You think he disappeared on purpose?”He didn’t tell anything else about Akshay and got a divorce from Asha.

She kept wondering what happened to Akshay who disappeared in the dark.

This blog post is a part of the A-z challenge. Thank you for being a part of the reading spree and I hope to see you all for the remaining days and beyond. Do leave your blog’s link below in comments and I will definitely peek into your blogging world.

Keep Reading! Keep Writing! Love Thyself!


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