Hanging Out |A to Z Challenge – Day 8

Day 8 | Letter: H "I'll be home in a while baby." Asha told her husband while having coffee with her boyfriend. Asha, a middle class woman found love in two men, one being her husband and the other her ex-college professor. Asha's husband loves adventure and often is out of town for some road… Continue reading Hanging Out |A to Z Challenge – Day 8


Labels #AtoZChallenge Day 12

Day 12 | Letter: L Me and clothes sizes are the biggest enemy. I have a problem with the Fashion Industry because they don’t make enough clothes for the majority of people who are called as ‘Plus Sizes’. Long, long ago, I was a ‘Medium’ girl who got every dress with the ‘Large’ label because… Continue reading Labels #AtoZChallenge Day 12