Imaginative|A to Z Challenge – Day 9

Day 9 | Letter: I

“No, he had come to meet me.” Koyna yelled at her mother. Her mother cried and went to the other room. Her mother called Koyna’s father and said, “It started again. What should I do?”

Koyna was on bed rest after her accident. She met with an accident a few months ago and lost her husband. She was severely injured. She felt every night since the accident that her husband comes to meet her. She talks to him and smile. Her mother saw her many times talking to and about him.

Koyna’s father and mother were separated years ago but stayed in touch for Koyna. Her father is a psychiatrist and realised that Koyna is in denial and wants her husband to be alive in her imagination.

After years of hallucination, her father tells her in a closed room, “Maa, Rishabh is no more with us.” Koyna looks at him in shock. Her father continues, “I just got a phone call, they told me he met with am accident.” Koyna cried a lot and collapsed on the bed. She got up after hours and looked at her father and mother. She didn’t say anything to them.

Days of no incidents from her, her parents were sure that it is all done and over.

Koyna led a normal life and one day, she was sitting in front of the mirror and smiling while getting ready and looked at her mother from the mirror in a possessed manner.

This blog post is a part of the A-z challenge. Thank you for being a part of the reading spree and I hope to see you all for the remaining days and beyond. Do leave your blog’s link below in comments and I will definitely peek into your blogging world.

Keep Reading! Keep Writing! Love Thyself!


One thought on “Imaginative|A to Z Challenge – Day 9

  1. It seems like the psychiatrist father is the crazy one in this story. Imagining the presence of a deceased loved one and even talking to them as if they are there is quite normal and a comfort during bereavement. No wonder the daughter cried for hours if her father would label her as hallucinating and announce the accident as if it had only recently happened. The cliff-hanger ending leaves plenty for the imagination to work with. I’ll be intrigued to see if you write more to this story 🙂

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