Grey-dicted|A to Z Challenge – Day 7

Day 7 | Letter: G

Soma, a 35 year old married woman left her job 7 years ago to take care of her newly born daughter. Her husband Mahesh was working in an MNC and usually came in late from work. Their married life was like one of those married couples who are just living together.

Soma was busy the whole day taking care of the house and her daughter. It was the summer vacation and Soma’s daughter had gone to Panchgani for Summer Camp. This was the first time Soma’s little girl was out of her sight.

Soma had the whole day to herself at home. One day she decided to start reading once again. She went to the nearest book store and saw the whole series of Fifty-Shades of Grey. She purchased the entire series and came back home. She had heard a lot of reviews about the book and wanted to read it.

She started the book and couldn’t let go of it unless the door bell rang. She then realized it was Mahesh and she hadn’t cooked dinner. Mahesh told her he had eaten out and will be leaving for 3 days for a business meeting to Mumbai. Mahesh saw the book on the bed and smiled at Soma.

Soma told him she had heard a lot about it and couldn’t stop herself from buying them. Mahesh made a snarkly comment, “Let’s read the book together.” Soma smiled and they made love that night.

Soma was already positive that this book will change her boring sex life with her husband. Soma was making tea, the next morning while Mahesh was getting ready for Mumbai. He kissed Soma before he left and she whispered in his ears, “laters, baby”. Mahesh laughed and kissed her hardly and said, “isn’t that something, I must say.” Soma said, “let me be your Mr. Grey.”

Mahesh left for Mumbai. Soma continued her reading, while she could feel her lady juices doing its magic. She spent the whole day reading and playing with herself. She was relieved and was in a very happy mood. She went on Amazon and searched for some kinky things that could spice up her love life.

She received the things before Mahesh came back. Mahesh, the man who always thought of work, directly came home after his flight as Soma told him there’s something flattering for him at home. He knew the book will do its wonder on his wife and he wanted their love life back.

Mahesh rang the bell and the door opened a little, he came into a dark room. She closed the door and Mahesh was shocked to see his wife in a sexy but subtle night dress. Soma slowly went close to him and kissed his lips. He couldn’t control his hands working on Somas’s body. Soma could feel herself getting wet with the thought of them together. Mahesh bit her lips while kissing her and said, “I don’t like being a submissive. Remember, I will always be your Mr. Grey.” Soma smiled and said, “I’ve never wanted more, until I met you.”

Mahesh and Soma were enjoying that they both were quoting the Fifty Shades of Grey. Mahesh told Soma, “We aim to please, Mrs. Banerjee.” Soma laughed and Mahesh started kissing her again. Soma had purchased the whole Fifty Shades of Grey kinky accessories and decorated her bedroom like the red room of pain.

Mahesh was impressed and he wanted to get out of his pants as they were hurting. Soma on the other hand, poured some whiskey for them and they both sat on the bed. Soma kept her glass aside and turned around, facing towards Mahesh, sitting on his lap. Mahesh gulped the whiskey in nervousness, she then said, “You are the one sweating, you still think you are Mr. Grey?” Mahesh looked around and said, “I wouldn’t mind being Anastasia.”

Soma smiled and started kissing him while her hands all over his manhood. Mahesh groaned and closed his eyes. Soma started biting Mahesh and started getting rough on him. Mahesh was enjoying the whole new version of Soma. That night they didn’t make love. They fucked, hard.

Soma and Mahesh made it a point to not let anything come in between their alone time every weekend. They redecorated their guest room as the red room of pain and kept it locked. It wasn’t the same, boring married life for them. They found their love in the same person, once again.

Soma started reading more eroticas and experimented everything on the weekend, and Mahesh once again realized, he made a wise choice in marrying this woman.

This blog post is a part of the A-z challenge. Thank you for being a part of the reading spree and I hope to see you all for the remaining days and beyond. Do leave your blog’s link below in comments and I will definitely peek into your blogging world.

Keep Reading! Keep Writing! Love Thyself!


5 thoughts on “Grey-dicted|A to Z Challenge – Day 7

  1. I haven’t read 50 shades and don’t know anyone who’d admit that they have either so it was an interesting post to read, quite hilarious in places and shocking in others. Well done (but not what I’d usually be reading).


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