Selfie: A New Dimension!

Happy New Year to all my readers! I hope this year brings success and happiness to all and to answer Ishita Di’s Comment on this post, ‘I would want more chaos in 2014… 😀 😀 :D’…

I am sure all of us are very well known and introduced with the word ‘Selfie’. A picture clicked of you by you is a Selfie. I have really simplified the term Selfie now for all those who don’t know about it. Recently in 2013 Selfies took a boom on Twitter and Instagram especially in Bollywood due to Gul Panag and Priyanka Chopra with the maximum numbers of Selfie clicks uploaded by them on Twitter and Instagram respectively.

I have had a very good response with my Selfie clicks. They are the most liked on Facebook and Twitter and Instagram among all my pictures. When a Selfie is clicked, it gives you a different confidence and that shows in your picture too. One can notice that in my pictures. I am not at all photogenic, in fact I have the fear of being clicked and I am too conscious when someone clicks me but on the other hand clicking me is pretty good for me.

Anyway this post isn’t another post on Selfie like this one here. In fact this post is totally inspired and has come into existence because of S. we were at ‘SubWay’ early in the morning to grab a healthy breakfast (hers was with cheese and mine without). So there was a couple outside ‘SubWay’ and the guy was clicking the picture of his girl on his phone and she was posing off gracefully. For some reasons I and S felt like laughing and I don’t know why but I said, “I taking my own picture is still better.” And she said, “At least the one who is clicking a Selfie is self-satisfied.” (The words ain’t proper and exact but something on the similar grounds).

If you look at selfies, they are underrated and overrated at the same time. When a celeb takes a Selfie and uploads it, it is overrated while if someone too common like me or you uploads a Selfie, it is underrated. But we should understand the fact that a person who is clicking a Selfie is self-satisfied and self-content. The Selfie Clickers are the Independent people who don’t need a lover or friend to click a picture of them so that it can be uploaded on social media, we rather click it ourselves and upload it and get the maximum number of likes and comments.

Moral of the post: Selfie is neither an underrate act nor an overrate act, it is an act by a completely Independent person who fears no camera or lenses.

Here are some of my Selfies.

Keep Reading! Keep Blogging! Keep Smiling! Keep Clicking! Be Independent – Be a Selfie!

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2 thoughts on “Selfie: A New Dimension!

    1. Happy 2014 to you tooo! In that case, however, you arethe luckier one who can get her pictures clicked by someone else and not do two things at a time like me – pose and click! 😛


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