Are you ready for a long term relationship yet?

While talking with S I realized, though I want a boyfriend/lover/partner, I am actually not ready for commitment yet. I can’t deny the fact that sometimes I feel being Single sucks but when I deal with guys who loves to be committed I feel I am better Single. The word ‘Chaotic’ is just too perfect for me. I have one of those chaos going on in me the moment I am about to start a relationship or even think of it.


I want a guy to hold my hand in public but if a guy actually does it I feel tacky.

I want a guy to arrange a date and when he does it, I start criticizing it in my mind and start making mental notes as to how perfect it could be.

I want a guy to introduce me to his family, but if it happens I feel suffocated.

I want a guy to meet my friends, but when he initiates it I feel like he is trying to spy on me.

I want a guy to go for a movie with me or have a couple of drinks with me without getting intimate, but when it happens I feel I need more.


The bottom line is just like any other human being I NEED MORE. And I don’t think it is wrong, is it? Why is it that I am not ready for a long term relationship yet? Is it because, I have no guys around?

The answer to that is NO! I do have hell lot of guys around and some of them are even ready for a long term relationship, but those guys aren’t the types I would love to be with. They are sweet guys. And moreover the problem is they are GUYS. There are very few guys that I like, my types are the MEN. I am one of those proud readers of Erotica genre that I have made up an image of a man I want to be with. Though he is not in real but I feel he might be out there somewhere.

Are you ready for a long term relationship or no?

1. Weekends: The way you spend your weekends speaks for if you are ready for a long term relationship or no. If you are not ready yet, you are more likely to spend your weekend at home reading another Erotica. There’s a possibility that you are just lying on your bed the whole day and a reason in the head that you have all the rights to sleep because you worked the entire week. Or you can also be found in the local bar or resto bar or KFC with your bestie, wearing shorts, and hair tied in a bun and a jacket bigger than your normal size of shirt and your face with the residual of the last night’s makeup.

If you found yourself doing any of these, you are truly not ready for a long term relationship because, if you were you would have been out there wearing those high heels and your favorite extra small dress dancing the night off with your guy or a guy friend’s friend or some guy.

2. Workday: Do you go to work all dressed up and looking elegant in those boring formals? So do I… but trust me that doesn’t tells if you are ready for it or no. On a workday, how many guys do you smile at and start a conversation with? Well this definitely says if you are ready for a long term relationship or no. On a work day, you are in your company cab sitting besides the guy you have already been intimate with and who is super hot but you feel nothing sexy about him and you talk to him only about work that too the bad things about work. In this case, you are seriously not ready for a long term relationship.

If you were ready for it yet, you would’ve been flirting with the guy or go to work in those high heels everyday and talk to a new guy during your break or at least smile at the cute guys. Work can be fun if you have someone special around, but if you are just not into the long term thing; work is going to be fun with handling 20 people under you.

3. Accepting changes in life: How gracefully do you accept changes in life? There’s a difference in changing your life yourself and letting someone else do it. I love changing my display picture on WhatsApp and Profile picture on Facebook every other hour, but I won’t like someone else asking me to do so. Being monotonous is boring but if someone is trying to change your life as per their terms, and if that is not acceptable by you, you are so not ready for the long term thingy. They say ‘All’s fair in love and war.’ So if you think it’s not fair you are not ready for it yet.

You know you are not ready for it yet when the only change you like is the men in your life.

4. Not over you past yet: Every time you kiss a guy and you think in your mind, ‘Shoooot! He was much better than this one.’ Means you are still not over your ex. And in that case you are certainly not ready for a new long term relationship. There is a high chance that it will take years for you to forget your ex. Do you find yourself stopping from deleting his favorite song from your playlist? Have you discussed about your ex with your current guy more than you have told him about yourself? Are you still visualizing him while reading this? Well in this case you are not ready yet rather just try to forget your ex and then maybe you will be ready.

5. Fear of commitment:  There are girls in this world who are scared of commitment and needs a guy to help her overcome this fear. But if you are one of those girls who are commitment phobic and can run a mile away from it, you are probably not ready for it yet. The fear of commitment brings along with it, the fear of losing freedom, the fear of being answerable for every action, the fear of being left alone after a fight, the fear of unable to flirt. This fear can be worse than any other fear one might have. But if you are commitment phobic, it is a known fact that you are not ready for a long term relationship.

Well these were the Five Know how’s to know if you are ready for a long term relationship or no? To be very frank, I am not. I spend my weekends as mentioned above. I go for a less than 20 minutes breaks at work and except for the food counter guy I hardly have time to look at anyone else. I love changing my profile pictures and that’s it. I still think about the last guy I was with. Commitment? This word doesn’t fit in my life.

I was surfing the net for some ideas on this topic and stumbled upon an online test. I took the test on are you ready for a long term relationship? And below is the image of my result of the test.


Anyway, being single might suck now but it is better to wait for the Mr. Perfect (Mr. Perfectly Imperfect for me) and the day you find him you will see none of the above mentioned shitty points will be present in your life. I hope the best 2014 to everyone.

Keep Reading! Keep Blogging! Love yourself! Be yourself!

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