Year Ending Diary: How to avoid… falling in love?

If you are reading this and are really my type who falls in love in and out, quite often, you must certainly stick around on your chair or your couch and read it through. I might have written ample of blog posts on L-O-V-E, but is it really what attracts me? Yes it does. I fall in love with every guy I kiss or go on a date with or just flirt with. I am pathetically in love with all my exes (though I have never been in a relationship yet – but exes here mean all the ex-crushes). I have gone on a date with a few, kissed a few etc. and yeah I am in love with all of them. However, I am also the lucky one that I tend to fall out of love as quickly as I fall in it. But there’s a trick to avoid all those hassles and flowers and commitments that eventually brings tears to one’s eyes.


These tricks are full proof and worked for me (knowingly or unknowingly). I am sure if one wants to get over the Love hassles can try ‘em out.

1. Friend Zone Him:

This is pathetic but when you start knowing that the flirt talks you have with him can become something more just ‘friend zone’ him. And when I say Friend Zone him it also means ACTUALLY Friend Zone him. Don’t flirt any further, treat him like a buddy.

2. Stop Calling and Receiving Calls:

Not in an obvious manner but in a subtle way. He shouldn’t have the faintest of idea that you are actually avoiding his calls. When he calls keep looking at your screen, don’t cut the phone off, just let it go ringing. Also, just because you Friend Zoned him, doesn’t mean you will call him in every two hours to tell him where you have reached or how was work.  Talking over the phone is a very sensuous act, I feel. I avoid talking over the phone – ALWAYS!

3. Start working out:

Okay! Now don’t yell at your laptop or the desktop screen. You don’t have to laugh thinking, “This comes from the Bengali Fat Girl…” Anyway, trust me or no, this one is amazingly amazing. There are two reasons why this one helps us to avoid falling in love.

–          You start looking more fabulous – so you know there are other fishes in the pond.

–          You are too tired – Yes! You will be too tired to even bother to pick up the phone to talk or text or go out and meet him.

4. Start Working More:

Love doesn’t bring you the bread and butter, does it? Trust me, if you start working your asses out you will certainly have no time to fall in love and this way you will be another step closer to the next promotion.

5. Tell them:

This is the last one and the best one. Just tell them that you don’t want to fall in love for whatever reasons. If they understand – GOOD! If they don’t, they will still be good eventually.


It is not that just because you want to avoid love means that you don’t want a person to stop falling for you; it’s just that you don’t want to fall in for them. Because things get worse when you are in love and they aren’t. Don’t try to avoid people, it’s just this will help you avoid falling in love and be miserable. Look good always and flirt as you are, just when you think you are going to fall in love use the above tips and I am sure it will do the tricks.

Keep Reading! Keep Blogging! Keep Smiling! Keep Flirting! Happy Holidays!

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9 thoughts on “Year Ending Diary: How to avoid… falling in love?

  1. I will definitely work harder. Number 4 hit home, so i will do that one so that I avoid being in the friend zone as well lol


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