Selfie: A New Dimension!

Happy New Year to all my readers! I hope this year brings success and happiness to all and to answer Ishita Di's Comment on this post, 'I would want more chaos in 2014... 😀 😀 :D'... I am sure all of us are very well known and introduced with the word ‘Selfie’. A picture clicked… Continue reading Selfie: A New Dimension!


NaBloPoMo: Selfies

Post 5.: Selfies Is it bad turning into a ‘Selfie Addict’? I recently read an article here that listed down all the famous-faces who have their selfies all over the social media. Gul Panag leads the Selfie competition in Twitter with 60 Selfies and Priyanka Chopra leads Instagram with 31 Selfies. These people are already… Continue reading NaBloPoMo: Selfies