Good Boys and Bad Girls…

Are guys really more sentimental than girls? Naah… now-a-days if you go to see the trend, a girl would say: “Casual Relationship.” While a guy would say: “Serious Relationship” what do you think leads to this?

Is it that the guys have become more emo than the girls??? Or has the girls changed themselves completely… was talking to my friend Zainab just half an hour ago on the same topic and realized that now-a-days guys have become GOOD while girls have become too NAUGHTY and SPOILT… but again the question arises of WHY???


Today girls dump guys and guys cry… Zainab also mentioned about girls double-dating guys and guys being committed!!! I do second her on that, it’s not that girls are doing something WRONG, I mean come-on; guys have been doing this for years… it’s the other way round now!!!


If I say that: “I being a girl wouldn’t mind being in an open relationship with a guy of my choice and would not mind dumping a guy too…” that doesn’t mean that I am bad girl… it’s just that girls do this so that guys don’t have the chance to hurt them!!!


Guys never knew how much it hurts to hear NO from the person you love. One of my best friends tells me now, “Why can’t we be in a relationship? We’re best friends. Know each other more than anyone else. We can be the best couple.” I had no option but to decline, not only because he is my best friend but also because there was a time when we were just friends and I had feelings for him, he never cared for me then, but now when the fats on my body is fading away day-by-day, he started having feelings for me …. WEIRD!!!


I wonder how feelings for a person can change as per size!!! I like guys who are fat and cute!!! My brother is fat and huge and I love him for this!!! My dad was fat and huge again… there is a difference between being fat and being voluptuous when it comes to woman or girls!!! I would put myself in the second category!!! Which fool didn’t like Vidya Balan in The Dirty Picture??? She wasn’t fat, she was voluptuous!!! Okay fine I am going on the different topic again!!! Getting back to the main topic of today, are guys weaker than girls, emotionally?

No, but we, girls are excellent in pretending!!! We are strong enough to say on your face, “I hate You… ” while In the heart we might love you a lot. But why get hurt and cry, rather hurt someone who is going to hurt you!!! I know it’s wrong but did guys ever think the wrong they have been doing!!!


Never thought of guys going all good, it’s not that they’ve gone good it’s just that we have improved a bit!!! Girls are still girls, as Zainab has mention in her blog-post we girls can cry for silly things. But when it comes to improvisation, not that we don’t cry, we do but the difference is this cry is not in front of people but alone either in the bathroom or under the covers!!!

Be yourself and be truthful to those who are truthful to you… everyone has one of their kind for sure!!!


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