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Ghosting: Side effect of Abandonment Issues

I have spoken to multiple men on dating apps and have shamelessly ghosted them. Some of them were really the good one’s too. There were days when I gave it a lot of thought, “Why am I ghosting these guys?” The only response I got from the inner voice was “Abandonment Issues”. I have always… Continue reading Ghosting: Side effect of Abandonment Issues


Career??? Marriage??? Family???

Even though your family knows that you are in a serious relationship, they keep forcing you to meet suitable prospects for marriage… where does this happens? Well not sure where all in India this happens, but it definitely happens at my house. For people who haven’t caught up on the recent updates on my life.… Continue reading Career??? Marriage??? Family???


Love Matters?

I have completed reading “Fifty Shades Of Grey” and have relished the book to the core. This book is obviously reminding me of one person in particular but again as Christian Grey has Fifty Shades, it reminds me of a little bit of every man in my life. I know I haven't played  a fair… Continue reading Love Matters?


What I Expect From my GUY!?!

  There is a hype over  Facebook and Real Life where people are getting into relationships and commitments and also a casual relationship. My friend is in a relationship which is a strange one – they both have cleared out the fact that they won’t get married but are in a serious relationship. A small… Continue reading What I Expect From my GUY!?!