Charmingly Grungy!!!

Some guys are really a treat for the eyes!!! Last night when I went home my mom asked me to go and bring something from a shop… I was on the road with my music and just then I saw this guy who was just a treat to my eyes… he had that oh so perfect smile and his appearance was something that just took my breath away!!!

I wonder from where did he come because I have never seen him in my area but the point is how can he be so good? The first reaction when I saw him was: “GOD!!! He is the man!!!” he had this stubble and grungy look that suits him, with his formals in a total casual way- shirt sleeves folded up enough to show his tan skin. His shirt had loosened up a bit from his waist and that looked even better!!!


I literally scanned him from top to bottom in just few seconds… he was a snack at 11 in the night!!! 😉 He was waiting there for a rickshaw and the cigarette in his fingers was like cherry on the top!!! I couldn’t be standing there, as I had to get back home after taking the things my mom wanted so I moved on just when I crossed the roads I almost heard his voice saying: “Rickshaw!!!” and it was just perfect!!! The best part was when I turned back like a fool and he smiled back at me and I got the butterflies in the tummy… Woahh, trust me that guy was a delight to look at!!! Hmmm for the first time I was so glad that my mom asked me to bring the things!!!

Anyway, grungy and the stubble look with a loosened shirt is a turn on completely…



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