P.S. I Love You ‘Again’!!!

Love happens only once. BullSh*t!!! Love for me now is nothing more than ATTRACTION. Since the last 21 years I have never been in love but had N number of attractions. I have had so many attractions that if I want I can start a BLOG about it with every new blog post as a new name and what attracted me to that guy.


When I was a child, I used to say: “I love SRK” when I was a teenage, I started arguing with my friends that: “I LOVE SRK” now when I am 21, I say to myself: “I love SRK???” things change, attraction is a thing as well…


A college girl would like a GUY in the torn jeans and cool t-shirt with cool written as ‘KOOL’ on it, while the same girl, when grows up would like the MAN who wears the perfectly ironed formals. So attraction changes from time to time and age to age.


Every time you are attracted to someone you feel its LOVE; maybe it is… maybe ATTRACTION is LOVE!!! Maybe LOVE is a different thing altogether, but no one can ever know what LOVE is!!!


If a guy you like is out of sight, it is obvious that he’ll be out of mind as well… not your fault, not at all!!! While he is out of sight you tend to meet other people, have some more attraction… it is SUPER NATURAL!!! There are different things in a person that you like and dislike. If I like a guy’s height maybe I hate his smile… attraction is not always about the physical appearance but at times SOMETHING attracts you. You yourself won’t know what attracts you to a person…


Crushes and attractions are different for me… I have crush on so many guys but I am not attracted to all of them. The guys I am attracted to, are the one about whom I don’t mind dedicating a blog-post!!! But I certainly won’t dedicate a WHOLE blog-post for a crush!!!


Some attractions are very STRONG!!! Some attractions are restricted to the spiritual aspects… ConfuseD??? Well here spiritual aspects means a person whom I am attracted to, but I just want him to be around… listen to him and talk to him. On the other hand, it’s not a bad idea to be attracted to someone just for the lusty frolic… I mean come-on, people who say that “sexual desirability is something that I don’t care about” LIE!!! There would be a time when you felt like kissing a person. Maybe while watching P.S.I LOVE YOU or NO STRINGS ATTACHED you must’ve thought of that person for sure.


Being sexually attracted to someone is obvious… some people try to deny the fact and just say: “sexual thingies are secondary” GOD BLESS YOUR SOULS!!! When I say SEX does it only mean making love? No, if you go to read a proper college form the GENDER option is always called SEX!!! If a girl likes a guy, it’s the MALE SEX that she likes, vice versa!!!


A person can have attraction for more than one person at a time. I am attracted to more than one guy at the moment!!! So what??? I am not in a relationship with either and that certainly gives me the liberty to be attracted to more than a guy… there would be no guilt if I am attracted and talk to more than a guy unless I am in a relationship. But yeah again the word RELATIONSHIP is very HEAVY. Like any other thing this also has pros and cons!!! I believe that attraction can happen again and again and now I feel that so can love…


There was a time when I thought LOVE happens only once ((movies and novels influenced funda)) but now when reality struck, I can say that love can happen more than once… a person cannot deprive themselves from the feeling of love or I would say ATTRACTION!!! dont give up on LOVE/ ATTRACTION or life… ust because you didnt get the guy/girl you loved doesnt mean that this is the end of life… remember there are other fishes in the pond!!! 😉

So I would like to say P.S. I LOVE YOU AGAIN!!!


9 thoughts on “P.S. I Love You ‘Again’!!!

  1. Reading your post, I saw myself when I was 21 years old. That feeling of being in love, of floating on air, of my heart beating like crazy when I see the object on my affection or attraction, of being inspired to do just about anything. Enjoy each of these moments. They are beautiful. And great taste in men by the way. Just remember inner beauty is still the best. When I saw my wife for the first time, I said, “she’s beautiful.” But later it was the beauty of her heart that made me say, “she’s the one.” Wishing you a new year full of love…


  2. I’ll immediately grasp your rss as I can not in finding your email subscription link or e-newsletter service. Do you have any? Please allow me understand in order that I may subscribe. Thanks.


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