Joy and miseries

Joy was a jovial teen who loved life and enjoyed it to the fullest. She was 14 when she had a fight with her mother and she ran away from home.

She had a few pennies with her that lasted for 2 days. She realized it was too late and she should return home after all. She reached home and found a crowd outside her place. She thought people are worried about her and so she smiled a little and walked towards her home. She realised it was something else.

She entered her house and saw all her aunties crying. She looked around and saw a picture of her mother with flowers on it.

Joy was vulnerable for the next few months. Her father passed away when her mother was pregnant with her and now she had no mother. She blamed herself for everything that happened to her.

Years passed by and Joy never smiled ever again. She completed her graduation and got a job but still no excitement on her face. She used to go home from work and eat yogurt and sleep.

At the age of 21, Joy had given up on life. At her new workplace, she met a boy Aman, who tried to make her laugh. Joy started having feelings for him.

Months of togetherness and Aman asked Joy to date him. Joy agreed. She started feeling happy again, unless the day when she realized, Aman was cheating on her with another girl from the same company. Joy couldn’t take it any longer. She called up Aman and asked him to meet her.

He came to her place and Joy managed to kill him. She murdered him and left the body at her door step. She called up the police and told them everything that happened.

She was sent to a mental asylum NY the court and no one ever heard from her. There are stories that she does talks to her mother, sometimes.


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