Love Thyself

“Ahhh”, moaned Shipra in pleasure. She was high on this lustful love.

Sweat trembling down her two mounts, her hair messy. Biting her lower lips, she moaned again, “Ahhh”.

Her breathing became heavier and heavier and the room filled with her moans that covered the music going in the background.

Small lusty moans were the result of the ultimate pleasure. She couldn’t resist yelling in pleasure when she reached an orgasm.

Shipra smiled and laid her head on the pillow behind her. The burden off her mind and body. She smiled and looked at the watch and said, “Oh I have just 1 more hour.” She smiled again and said, “Let’s do this one more time.”

She wet her fingers again and started loving herself in a way that no man could ever do.

Shipra made sure to give herself the love she deserves everyday before she meets her boyfriend. She realized that of she meets him all deprived for love, she will never be content. Her urge for sex couldn’t be taken care of by anyone in this world yet.

While waiting for her boyfriend at the local Cafe, she smiled thinking of the amazing wonders her fingers could do. She was turned on again. She saw her boyfriend walking towards her with a ‘not so happy face’. He told her how busy work was and how it disturbed him. Shipra knew that the only reason Sid couldn’t satisfy her in bed was because of his hectic work schedule.

She gave a relaxing smile to Sid and held his hand. She said, “Don’t worry things will be good.” They both had coffee and went back home kissing each other goodnight.

Shipra felt bad for Sod but couldn’t compromise on her self love. She couldn’t resist satisfying her needs in the dark bedroom. The room was filled with noises once again before she went to sleep.


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