I am very proud of my heritage. This post is a personal confession of a Bengali girl (that’s me) who is not from West Bengal. It shouldn’t and will not relate to every other person.

Being a Bengali is a proud thing. Every person is proud of their roots and their culture. When it comes to a Bengali, we are a little overly proud of it.

I am also a Mumbaikar, and that makes me proud of my city.

I am a 100% Bengali in blood, but I do not consider myself as a 100% Bengali in person.

Here’s the confession of a Bengali girl from Mumbai:

  1. I cannot speak fluent Bengali. I can kick your butt in English, but when it comes to Bengali, I may just take the safe path by speaking the basics.
  2. I am not from West Bengal and have been there only twice. Every time someone reads my full name, they ask me which part of West Bengal am I from. I am not from West Bengal, I belong to Mumbai.
  3. I support Mumbai Indians over Kolkata Knight Riders. I also support Kolkata Knight Riders if it is against any other team apart from Mumbai, because there is or was Shah Rukh Khan’s association with KKR.
  4. I love Sourav Ganguly aka Dada. I am not a Sachin Tendulkar fan.
  5. I love watching the intellectual and difficult to understand Bengali movies as they ring in the creative side of my brain.
  6. I always took pride in History subject in school when there were names like Rabindranath Tagore, Subhash Chandra Bose and Bankim Chandra Chattopadhyay in the text book.
  7. I do have a little bit of ‘Communist’ thing in me. I really can’t help it, but it just happens, sometimes.
  8. I love a nicely prepared fish curry and heap full of rice.
  9. I cannot read or write Bengali and I am completely off from the Bengali Traditions that are not shown in the Bollywood movies. I do go to Google or my Best Friend if I need to know something really traditional about the Bongs.
  10. I have been to Kolkata recently and I wasn’t much of the Bong that belonged there. I was home sick pretty soon and couldn’t wait to come back to Mumbai.
  11. I am a total Durga Pujo freak. I need my leaves planned around Pujo and I indulge into some crazy shopping during the pujo. I love the Mumbai Durga Pujo than the Kolkata Pujo.

Durga Puja 2013

These are some of my confessions being a Bong in Mumbai City. I am a proud Bong from the city of dreams – Mumbai!

Keep Reading! Keep Blogging! Love Thyself!


Written by Chaotic Soul

Ashmita Chatterjee is a Creative Writer/Blogger from Mumbai. She is an Enthusiast, Straight Forward girl who has found joy in Writing Blogs. Ashmita is a Loud Creator of Amazing Blogs, Short Stories and Erotica at Chaoticsoulzzz! She started her blog in 2011. When Ashmita is not being very busy, she can be found Writing, Reading, Eating, or Recklessly Travelling with her loved ones. She is known by the name of @chaoticsoulzzz on her Twitter and Instagram.

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  1. Must say, the eleven pointer confessions of a Mumbaikar Bong are pretty amazing…!!! and hilarious..!!! Just an afterthought,you love Kolkata mutton biryani,right? 😛


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