Confession of a Bengali girl from Mumbai

I am very proud of my heritage. This post is a personal confession of a Bengali girl (that’s me) who is not from West Bengal. It shouldn’t and will not relate to every other person.

Being a Bengali is a proud thing. Every person is proud of their roots and their culture. When it comes to a Bengali, we are a little overly proud of it.

I am also a Mumbaikar, and that makes me proud of my city.

I am a 100% Bengali in blood, but I do not consider myself as a 100% Bengali in person.

Here’s the confession of a Bengali girl from Mumbai:

  1. I cannot speak fluent Bengali. I can kick your butt in English, but when it comes to Bengali, I may just take the safe path by speaking the basics.
  2. I am not from West Bengal and have been there only twice. Every time someone reads my full name, they ask me which part of West Bengal am I from. I am not from West Bengal, I belong to Mumbai.
  3. I support Mumbai Indians over Kolkata Knight Riders. I also support Kolkata Knight Riders if it is against any other team apart from Mumbai, because there is or was Shah Rukh Khan’s association with KKR.
  4. I love Sourav Ganguly aka Dada. I am not a Sachin Tendulkar fan.
  5. I love watching the intellectual and difficult to understand Bengali movies as they ring in the creative side of my brain.
  6. I always took pride in History subject in school when there were names like Rabindranath Tagore, Subhash Chandra Bose and Bankim Chandra Chattopadhyay in the text book.
  7. I do have a little bit of ‘Communist’ thing in me. I really can’t help it, but it just happens, sometimes.
  8. I love a nicely prepared fish curry and heap full of rice.
  9. I cannot read or write Bengali and I am completely off from the Bengali Traditions that are not shown in the Bollywood movies. I do go to Google or my Best Friend if I need to know something really traditional about the Bongs.
  10. I have been to Kolkata recently and I wasn’t much of the Bong that belonged there. I was home sick pretty soon and couldn’t wait to come back to Mumbai.
  11. I am a total Durga Pujo freak. I need my leaves planned around Pujo and I indulge into some crazy shopping during the pujo. I love the Mumbai Durga Pujo than the Kolkata Pujo.

Durga Puja 2013

These are some of my confessions being a Bong in Mumbai City. I am a proud Bong from the city of dreams – Mumbai!

Keep Reading! Keep Blogging! Love Thyself!



One thought on “Confession of a Bengali girl from Mumbai

  1. Must say, the eleven pointer confessions of a Mumbaikar Bong are pretty amazing…!!! and hilarious..!!! Just an afterthought,you love Kolkata mutton biryani,right? 😛


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