5 ways to become a Better Person

We all strive to be a better version of ourselves. Let that be personally or professionally. We all want the world to appreciate us for who we are and what we have achieved in our life. Many will say that they don’t need any approval from others in order to feel better for themselves. Agreed, but no one can deny the fact that everyone likes it when they get a compliment or appreciation. Whether they accept it or not, but the feeling is always good.

Now, let’s see what we can do in order to become the better version of ourselves:

  • Mind your own business – This might sound a tad bit difficult for some people, as we all love a good gossip session. But friends, always remember one thing, the one who gossips with you will definitely gossip about you. So try and avoid poking your nose in to other people’s business because that is not a good habit. Gossiping at work place will lead people to see you as a gossip monger, which in turn will make you an untrustworthy person and believe me that’s not the kind of image you want to build at your workplace or otherwise as well. Same logic is applied when it comes to your personal life. Stay away from getting yourself involved in other’s lives and issues. We already have enough issues of our own to last a lifetime, so, concentrate on them and try resolving those. Remember – “Not My Circus, Not my Monkeys”

  • Stay away from Mean people – Now, we all know that we have a few people around us whose sole purpose of life is to make us feel shitty about ourselves and our life. STAY AWAY. These are like those little blood suckers who suck the life out of you with their negativity and jealousy. The easiest way to identify such people is to see how they behave with you when you’re down in life. At office space, it can be that colleague who’s always there to highlight your mistakes to the supervisors and boast about themselves at the same time. In personal life, it can be that “friend/relative” who likes to tell you how bad you’re at something and that you should think about giving it up for the good. Let me tell you, these people are highly insecure in their own skin and the only way they feel good about themselves is by putting others down. So, the best way to stay away from such people is to politely ask them to BUZZ OFF!


  • Learn to enjoy your alone time – Your alone time is meant for you look at things with your own perspective without any outside influence. Some people get confused between being alone and being lonely. First things first, understand the difference. I feel quite happy when I get alone time. Because it is during such times that I tend to retrospect about most things of my life. Also, alone time doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to sit and think. You can book a parlor appointment, or go for a walk on the beach, etc. Matter of the fact is – You have to Love yourself for others to love you. Don’t be afraid to be on your own at times. Rather, try to look at all the better things you can do during your alone time. Play a sport, learn something new, build a hobby, write random thoughts, sing your heart out, dance like there’s no tomorrow, etc. Possibilities are endless and also fun if you know how to utilize these “Me Time”.


  • Maintain a healthy “Give & Take” – In order to live a happy and content life there has to be a healthy balance between things. Although it is good to be a person with a helping hand, but don’t let this become a weakness. There are two types of people around us, Givers and Takers. It is on us to find a balance between them.

Givers are the people who tend to give all without asking for anything in return (this is a good attribute only if you’re planning to become a monk). These are the people who cannot say no to anyone for anything and ends up being in a ditch for this very same reason. For Example:

(a) You cannot say no to that cunning colleague in office who makes you complete their work and then takes the credit themselves.

(b) You cannot say no to your younger (in some cases Older as well) brother/sister who is asking for money from you for the nth number of time even though they earn pretty well for themselves.

(c)  You tend to take it on yourself for paying for every household expense, although there other earning members in the family.

The examples can go on and on. But people, who are the Givers, know it by now that I’m talking about them. A humble request to you all, don’t be so nice. So much that you’re making yourself weak in the process.

Now, comes the Takers. Well, after reading about the Givers, it’s quite easy to figure out about the Takers. These are the complete opposite of the Givers. I wouldn’t say much about the Takers because they know who they are and what they do. My only word of caution is that, be very careful of the Takers.  And in order become a better person you have to crack a balance between being a Giver and a Taker. Give what you can also Take what belongs to you.

  • Choose your Friends wisely – Be extra cautious whom you call a friend. There’s no right way to know if a person is suitable to be your friend. You’ll only know and learn this by experience. But, to know if a person is really there for a long run, observe them when you’re at a vulnerable stage. It says a lot about the nature and character of a person. A person who truly cares for you will stay by your side during your hard times. Me and my BFF (Miss Chaotic Soul) called each other “good friends” after knowing each other for 2yrs. The tag of BFF came in much later. This is because we took our time to test each other and fortunately we both cleared the tests with flying colors. Friends can make or break you depending on what sort of a person they are and what are their true intentions. As they say – “Friends are the family that you choose”.


  • Get ample of sleep – Yes, sleep. For a healthy mind, body and soul, it is imperative to get good amount of sleep. Lack of sleep can cause great deal of health issues. Stress, over-thinking, anxiety, etc. are few of the reasons people lose their sleep. People who get adequate amount of sleep are far likely to achieve their day-to-day goals than people who are sleep deprived. Again, the number of hours of sleep varies for different people. Some people are fully energetic and active after 6hrs of sleep, whereas, people like me and my BFF tend to drag ourselves out of the bed even after 10hrs of sleep. And the days when we get anything less than 8hrs, then god bless the world! Point remains; sleep as much as your body needs nothing more or nothing less.


Well, I could think of the above points that can help you be a better person in life. If you guys have any other pointers then make sure to comment and let us know.

Live, Laugh and Love!

Yours Truly,

The Lost Soul


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