Days of the Week – As seen by a Corporate Employee

People like me (The Lost Soul) and my BFF (The Chaoticsoulzzz) who have a 5-days work schedule tend to go through a typical pattern every week. On every weekend we think that the next week is going to be different; however, to our utter disappointment it turns out to the exact same no matter what we do or not.

I have noticed that the pattern of our week (especially BPO employees) go through a pattern similar to that of different phases of a Break-up. Please read on to know more…

 Phase 1 – The Weekend > Honeymoon Period

Our Saturdays and Sundays are like the best time of our life. We party, we chill, and we veg out on the couch all day. It’s like when you get in to a new relationship or affair and the initial days are all lovey-dovey. The couple tends to spend as much time together as possible and have a lot of fun. Similarly, during the weekends the corporate employees tend to have a lot of fun (which they are sure to regret later…LOL). We celebrate our weekends as if it’s the biggest festival of the year or these two days are not going to come back ever. Some of us like to go out with friends and family, while the others like to stay at home and enjoy their “Me Time”. But nevertheless each one of us have a plan to be executed during the weekend and we do that with all the enthusiasm.

 Phase 2 – Monday > The Bitter Breakup

Monday morning (or evening for night shift people) is like the tight slap on their face by reality. We went to sleep with a smile on our face knowing that we had so much fun; however, we wake with a frown knowing that the honeymoon period is over and we have to get back to reality, reality that sucks the living day light out of our souls. I know, I know, I am sounding like a really sad person right now but I would be lying if I said that I wake-up with a happy smile on a Monday morning. Naah! Nada! Nope! Not Happening…

Monday is like your cheating partner who gives you the best time a night before and then ends up with another girl/guy the next day leading you to break-up with them. And the break-up is nothing but a torturous devil whose only purpose is to make your life a living hell.

We drag ourselves out of the bed and get ready in auto pilot mode. We go through the day in complete disbelief and it’s all a haze after lunch time (‘Cz during the weekend you had nap time after lunch) as you are finding yourself incapable of keeping your eyes open. You somehow complete your day and return home to find yourself worried with a dreading thought of next day.

Phase 3 – Tuesday > Denial Mode

Although, you know that the party is over yet you’re just not ready to go home. Or you know that the break-up is done but you’re not ready to accept it yet. Tuesday is similar to all these feelings. You get up in the morning telling yourself that today is going to be a better day and start your day with a smile. But by the time you reach office you get this itchy feeling inside your head that tells you that things are not right. So you end up telling yourself to pull yourself together and get on with the work. You put on a fake smile and greet people hoping to see some sense in the day.

At the end of the day you return home, get fresh, eat and get in to the bed, only to find the emptiness still lying inside you. You go to sleep knowing that you cannot run away from your responsibilities and the job.

 Phase 4 – Wednesday & Thursday > Acceptance

Wednesday morning comes with a strange feeling of acceptance. We are still dragging ourselves out of the bed, just that now we are moving with the speed of a tortoise and not a sloth.

We get ready with the intention of looking our best. We reach work with enthusiasm and motivation to do our best. Although, all these feelings still tend to dip a bit after lunch/dinner time but that’s the food coma that we are going through and not our lack of compassion. We greet our colleagues with genuine smile and listen to our supervisors without murdering them in our head. We complete our work on time and leave with satisfaction that we didn’t cheat on our work for the sake of laziness.

Wednesday and Thursday are the days when we shine and try to give our best towards our work. We are being our best selves and attracting positivity. These two days are like the makeover days after a breakup when we re-invent ourselves. We give the best and expect the best. We have accepted the reality and now we are going with the flow.

 Phase 5 – Friday > The Explicit Affair

Friday is the day we jump out of the bed to get ready for work because we very well know that the office is going to turn in to a mini amusement park this day. We wear the best of casual wears as if we are going for a party and not to office per se.

Work time is going to be minimal, extended lunch/dinner break is no big deal and then there’s always a scope for after shift fun. We are proud of ourselves for getting through the week without going to jail on charges of assault or attempt to murder. We make way for the weekend that is to come very soon and make plans utilize the most of those two days.

 And that’s how the circle goes on week after week, month after month and year after year. We get used to this circle and therefore are able to survive through it all.

Now, some of you may disagree with my though process. Because for some of you work is fun, as it is for my BFF’s mom. She loves going to work and enjoys her work life. But again, that’s her. For people like us, the struggle is real. It’s not that we don’t like working because we are lazy. We dread going to work because we have to do something we are not passionate about and we have to deal with people who don’t understand the work ethics as we do.

So my dear readers find your passion and work on it. In that way, you won’t have to find reasons to go to work. When passion meets work, work becomes hobby.

“Do what you Love and Love what you do”.

Love, Laugh and Live!

Yours Truly,

The Lost Soul





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