Secrets that people with Depression keep from their Friends

Living with depression is not as easy as we think it is. In India, depression is not something people talk about. It, like every other psychological disorder is treated and talked about in a closed room and a hushed voice. Depression is not something that can be easily diagnosed. There are symptoms but seeking professional help is the way to go forward with it.

Depression 1 feat

That being said, depression is much more ‘liveable’ when you have friends around. It won’t really help you as much the therapist will do, but it is just a little bit more manageable.

If your friend is going through depression, here are 7 secrets that they keep from you:

  1. ‘Isolation’, is not something they do on purpose. When they cancel plans or don’t answer to your messages it is not because they want to, it is rather because it is much easier for them to hide the emotions than saying it out loud.
  2. ‘Help’ is needed by them from you, from someone – from anyone. They need help to discuss their depressive episodes, they need to be not alone when one of their depressive mood strikes in. It is better to sit in the same room on the phones, but your presence is necessary to them.
  3. Dark days will always be a part of their routine. After 10,000 good days, 1 dark day will follow and it will take over all the good days. All they need is for you to be ‘Patient’.
  4. ‘It is not easy’ for them to wake up every day and take shower and go to work. Every day getting ready for work equals to getting ready for a war, they are not prepared for.
  5. They ‘Need’ you the most. They know you can’t cure depression. They don’t want you to give the words of wisdom. They need you to be there, holding them. Hold the candle for them in the darkness, unless they can hold it themselves.
  6. They sure do ‘Value your friendship’, but they keep themselves secluded so that their depression doesn’t ruin a beautiful friendship like it destroyed all the other relationships in their life.
  7. They ‘Lie’ to you – about almost EVERYTHING they feel. They don’t lie to make them look big, but to make them look – not so small in your eyes. They don’t want you to think they are depressed, even though they want you to know they are.

I know this post has been confusing as every secret above is contradicting; however, this is how it is!

I hope you get a sneak peek of what your friend is hiding from you from this post.

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