Things I Didn’t Do This Year

It is almost 2018! I don’t understand how that is even possible.

I always knew that I don’t know maths, but my calculation of days isn’t that bad that 1 year seems like 1 month!

Honestly, I had big plans for 2017.

Here are the things; I didn’t do in 2017 (yet again):

  1. I didn’t get myself a tattoo.
  2. I didn’t lose a humongous amount of weight (On the journey, though).
  3. I didn’t meet the Prince Charming, yet! (Single by choice this time)
  4. I didn’t leave my corporate job and still am quite addicted to the word ‘Salary’.
  5. I didn’t move out, yet!
  6. I didn’t buy my own blog domain.
  7. I didn’t meet Shahrukh Khan, not yet!!!

What have I really done this year?!? – Scrolled up and down my Facebook and Instagram page like a crazy person!!!

Vector, Girl, Woman, Tourist, Amazing, Sitting, Day

Hoping that the next year rocks for me and all of you!

Keep Reading! Keep Blogging! Fulfill your Dreams!



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