Obesity: The Reality

I am not ashamed of my body. Period!

I am concerned about my health. At the moment, I am a disease magnet. I guess if I don’t control my diet, I will be diabetic like my whole family.

My family has gifted me ‘High Blood Pressure’ and maybe Diabetes too. Thankfully, diabetes has not been diagnosed yet in me, but if I continue with my ‘not-so-good’ diet, I will just fall into the trap.


The society ‘just assumes’ that every fat person is fat because they eat a lot. That misconception leads to bullying, body shaming etc.

Yes a lot of us eat a lot, but that is not the sole reason that we are fat. Some of us are trying to shed those extra pounds, but thanks to the hormones and other things in the body, we are UNABLE To.

The society stereotypes all the fat people and that is unfair.

I am not in any way taking another shit from people who think ‘Being Fat’ is our fault.


I was once 187 Pounds! I am a little more than that for sure. Yes I am an obese who swore that she is not ready to leave her eating habits.

I am fat because I hogged on my burgers and cokes (Coca Cola). 2 years ago, I was on a diet. I came down to 143 Pounds but with the help of fat reducing supplements. The moment I stopped my supplements, I felt hungry again and I couldn’t resist from not hogging.

Burger, Food, Hamburger, Fast, Cheeseburger, Lunch

All of that lead to me the bad health category. I was diagnosed with Super High Blood Pressure at the age of 26. I was told that diabetes is on the way. One doctor might have said that I could get a stroke because of my high blood pressure and hypertension. My reports had weird abbreviations like PCOS/PCOD. My doctors told me I will have a problem with conceiving a child, if PCOS was not treated.

I tried to exercise, eat less and drink more water than I could to treat my PCOS. Did anything work? It is not easy for PCOS patients to lose weight so easily. A lot of people advised me to go to the gym, but my shift timings never allowed me to. Many of them said, I was just not ready to lose weight, without considering the fact that IT IS NOT EASY TO LOSE WEIGHT when you have PCOS.

I gave myself a lot of reasons and came to a conclusion: “I don’t want kids. I am not marrying anyhow. Why should I try to lose weight? Anyway, all have decided that I am not losing weight on purpose.”

That being said, I came to my normal self – ordering in junk, every now and then. Finally, came a day, when I didn’t get my periods. I was scared. Was I sexually active? At the time NO!

I then confided my heart to another best friend ‘Google’. Google told me that PCOD/PCOS is the reason for no periods. I was like so happy. I don’t have to go through the pain of it every month. One morning I woke up to a full grown beard and my hormones acting all up. That day at work, I felt my tummy bloating for no apparent reason. I checked with Google again and yes, these were the symptoms of PCOS. This scared the shit out of me.

I can’t waist my money on getting my chin waxed every week. I needed a full proof plan. Finally, I walked up to my ‘Personal Trainer/Diet Guru’, my younger brother and told him, “Dude, help me!” Given the fact that he knows me a little better than Google, he gave me a diet chart that gave me an opportunity to eat healthy but tasty food.

What was the diet all about? What is it that I am following? What is it that I gave up?

Let’s discuss that in the next blog post. I might also get an interview done of my brother, who can shed some light on this new lifestyle that I am following.

Till then, Love yourself!




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