What are the struggles of being on a new diet plan?

It is no secret that I am on a new diet thing. Ideally, it is not a diet because I have to eat 5 times a day. These 5 meals include certain amount of proteins, carbs and fats. Yet, I am starting this new thing and I think I am quite determined to do it or let’s see!

As we all know that every new thing we start, we have to face some challenges. This is no different.
In my case it is a struggle because food is my lover and this feels like heartbreak.
Here are the 5 Struggles from my new diet plan:
  1. Giving up Sugar:
I am a tea-addict. My mornings begin with having a mug full of tea with sugar. When I started this new diet, my brother who is a trained Personal Fitness Coach told me I have to clearly say no to Sugar. Now someone like me knows the pain of giving up sugar. No sugar means, no tea. The problem is, I don’t like tea if it is not with sugar.
Also, I am a Bengali. I belong to the community that has Rosogulla and Cham Cham as the delicacy.
If that wasn’t enough, let me tell you that I also have a sweet tooth. I used to have more than one chocolate every day after dinner.
Giving up on sugar is the worst thing, but I am clean for more than 2 weeks now. Am I surviving? Well so far yes with a minute little headache. (Withdrawal Symptoms)

Halloween Candy, Chocolates, Nuts, Sweet, Small Size

  1. No Rice, Roti, Bread:
Any average Indian needs their staple food to survive and lead a happy life. However, in my new diet, given the fact that I am on the over-weight side of the population, I have to give up on the ‘Bad Carbs’ as my nutritionist calls it.
Again, I am a Bengali and what Bengali doesn’t eat rice and fish curry? Tell me!?!
Quitting rice is a major one for me, because I don’t know how to eat or cook without rice.

Camel Meat, Dish, Biryani, Cuisine, Arabian, Karachi

  1. Constipation:
The new readers just made ‘That’ face. Well, we Bengalis take our shit too seriously. No Bengali medicine box is complete without Digene and PudinHara. Also not to forget the Kayam Churan kept on the top of the fridge. Yes please judge us. We are proud to be the basic bongs!
Anyway, with low carbs, less vegetables and no rice, how can I expect to be having the best motion of my life? I am miserably constipated and that’s a real struggle. Yet again, my nutritionist advised me to have my Kayam Churan on time and include 100 grams of green vegetables in my everyday meal to get the motions going.
It is a struggle sitting in the sweat and thinking about shit.

Frog, Toilet, Loo, Session, Funny, Toilet Paper, Wc

  1. Movies:
I am a movie buff. I take movies and storytelling skills of a writer, directing skills of a director and acting of the actors very seriously. I am one of those critics who love the super flop movies and hate the blockbusters. Yes I am the type who gets into the depth of the movie to an extent that the writer is also not aware of.
Now, movie and diet – what’s the connection you ask? Popcorn and Cold Drink!!!
Who cannot eat popcorn and cold drink during a movie? ME! Why? Carbs and Sugar!
It is a struggle to sit besides your best friend and smelling the goodness of Caramel pop corn and looking at her relishing each popped kernel of that sexy corn! The caramel glazing on the popped corn gives it the sultriest look. However, the only option, I have in a movie theatre to enjoy apart from the movie is ‘Water’.

Popcorn, Caramel Corn, Snack, Food, Treat, Corn

  1. No Social Eating Life:
If my family and friends have this Biryani party, I cannot be a part of it. If people are going for Chinese food, I cannot relish the goodness of Chicken Fried Rice and Momos. If my friends are going to grab a few drinks, I have to sip on sugar free Virgin Mojito.
I am not a very social person but with this diet plan, it is going to make me extinct from the social gatherings.

Boy, Table, Food, Drink, Eating, Building, Structure

These struggles are real and it is not at all easy. Though one might feel that I am just fooling around in this post and these things don’t really matter to me. But the truth is not being able to eat everything makes me soul less. Only I can feel the pain of looking at people who are enjoying rice, dals and potatoes.
You guys enjoy your full meals and I will keep struggling in the washroom.
If you guys are interested to see my meals for the day, please follow me on Instagram. My Insta handle is @miss_chaoticsoulzzz
Keep Blogging! Keep Reading! Love Thyself!



4 thoughts on “What are the struggles of being on a new diet plan?

  1. New habits, no matter what the consequences, are always a challenge to implement. We like our routines. You sound like you’re doing a great job, though. As you go, may you find new comfortable routines, rewards, and compliments to your social activities. I’d wish you luck but you won’t need it, just determination and occasional support and encouragement. It isn’t easy but you’ve got this.

    I may need to go back and read this soon when I start similar much-needed changes in my own life starting with gasp a dramatic reduction in coffee consumption…

    Liked by 1 person

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