Silver Lining #AtoZChallenge Day 19

Day 19 | Letter: S

This is a story of a girl and a guy, a story that many of us might have heard of sometime in our life or might have been part of it.

They met at a time in their lives when both of them were looking for a getaway, getaway from the sour realities of their lives. She was trying to run away from herself and she ended up running into him. He was feeling stranded when a loved one left him abruptly and she came in like a storm in his life and blew him away.

Everyone who was close to them warned them about each other. He was warned that he’ll lose whatever he has if he continues this fling with the girl. She was warned that she’ll be left with an empty heart and empty hands if she continues to see the guy. But none of them paid heed to the warning as they were already lost into each other.

Initially both of them knew that all this is mere physical attraction and nothing else. And frankly they didn’t want anything more at that point of time. But little did they know that fate had different plans for them. While they were trying to heal themselves by being the primitive beings and having sex like there’s no tomorrow, they didn’t realize that they are getting entwined with each other emotionally further more.

Every time they touched each other it was fireworks. It didn’t matter where they are and who is looking at them, the world around then used to get blurred out when they saw into each other’s eyes. Those were hungry eyes, hungry for each other’s bodies, waiting to get lost into each other. It was a relationship of “First’s”. Although the guy was more experienced than the girl yet so the girl had something magical going on about her that made the guy do things that he hadn’t done till now, even though he has been into multiple relationships before he met her. He always looked at her in awe as if he is seeing her for the first time. There was something about this girl that made the guy completely loose himself with her.

He would often have conflicting thoughts in his mind. He knew that there’s no future with this girl, he cannot give it to her although he knew that she deserves nothing but the best. He would seldom think about ending up the relationship, for the betterment of the girl as well as his own life. But the minute she came in front of him he would shove these thoughts deep inside the corners of his mind and fall for her all over again.

They were poles apart in every sense. Their habits, their backgrounds, their likes and dislikes, their values, etc. you name it and they would have an opinion on it but a conflicting one. This made their relationship interesting and stressful both at the same time. They did everything that anyone ever said that they cannot do. They also had a few similarities. Like their love for certain genre of music as they would sing songs to each other like no one’s listening. They had become each other drinking partners as both loved having a drink or two every now and then.  Both of them had the common ground of being an insecure kid/teenager. And they would often boost about how they got over and above all those bad days and emerged as a winner.

The girl always had a very clear picture how the love of her life would be but this guy turned out to be the exact opposite of that. Except for one thing and that was his physique. She always had a thing for muscular men and this guy had quite some muscles to show off. Apart from this one thing there was nothing in the guy matching her wish list for her lover. Maybe that how universe works, you get what is best for you and not you though is best for you.

But is this really the Best? Is this the ideal relationship? Are they the perfect couple?

Well, no. They were far from being the ideal relationship let alone being perfect couple. All relationships have their own set of “hearts and thorns” and so did theirs. They had equal number of thorns to hearts or even more maybe. And those thorns hurt like hell but they made the heart stranger as well.

They never denied the fact that something is missing from their relationship. They knew what was missing but unfortunately they couldn’t do anything to fill that void. The solution to their dilemma was either mass destruction or destroying themselves while trying to keep others happy and alive.  They chose the latter one as they couldn’t have hurt their loved ones.

Guy wanted to take the midway as he couldn’t stand the thought of leaving the girl; however, girl had to refuse for the midway as it was immoral and against her values. Although he understood the reason behind her refusal yet he always tried to convince her to agree for it but would only get a NO for an answer.

Over the period of time they did fall in love with each other. They realized that what they have is not just physical attraction but more than that. There’s was an unusual kind of love as it needed physical intimacy to keep them going.  Some may say that its love and only lust. And many did tell them that but they had a valid reason for ignoring what people said. They always said “If it was only for physical needs then I could’ve hired any person for it, but the fact that I’m with this particular person speaks volumes for what I feel for this person”.

They still don’t know which way their story will go. As there’s always a silver lining behind the darkest of clouds as well, hope they too have their Eternal sunshine.

Live, Laugh and Love!!! 


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