Restart Your Life #AtoZChallenge Day 18

Day 18 | Letter: R

Restarting life isn’t an easy task, but those who can, are stronger.

As all of us know by now that, I was going through a rough time. Dealing with depression, break up and unemployment isn’t easy for any one. People go on pills when depression hits them and thanks to Indian society, mental illness is not an illness at all. I am not on pills as yet, but unless I start going to therapy, I had to do some self-help.

It was then when I decided, I had to restart my life. Pressing the ‘F5’ button wasn’t easy. The loading was real and quite some trouble.

5 Things to keep in mind before you ‘Restart’ your life:

  1. It won’t be easy. Restarting is a difficult job, because you know you can’t have anything that you had. You will restart one part of your life.
  2. You’ve got to have faith in yourself. You are your own boss and the trust you have in you will help you restart your life.
  3. Things and people will change. Every person around you won’t react in the same way. Some people will be thrown out of your life.
  4. You’ll be emotionally and physically drained. You will have to be ready for the hustle.
  5. You’ll have to be open to new things in life. You have pressed the restart button of your life and this means, the Universe will bring new experiences and new challenges and you will have to take them all.

These are the 5 things I did when I restarted my life and I am still in the process but it is the best feeling I have had in years.

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