Taming the Voice #AtoZChallenge Day 20

Day 20 | Letter: T

I was always an opinionated woman and never failed in saying what’s on my mind. I have been the types who intimidate men and I know it. My words are harsh and my voice is loud. I am the woman with a voice.

Unfortunately the Indian society is scared of such women. Thinking about practicality and saying it out aloud do leads to conflicts in the society, friend’s circle and worse – in the family. An opinionated woman has the ability to tell you on the face, “You are wrong.” An opinionated woman isn’t rude by choice, she is rude when required. She also has feelings and she gets hurt too.

There comes many moments in the life of an opinionated woman wherein she is asked to ‘Keep Quiet’ to either avoid conflicts or to be respectful. This is the time when the society tries to ‘Tame her Voice’. Tame her voice because she is a girl. Tame her voice because her talking can lead to fights at home. Tame her voice so that no one else is hurt with her words.

I agree that when there’s a mismatch in opinions, there will be no peace and especially if the other person has completely opposite opinion. But is taming the right way?

Taming the Voice is it justice? Is it the way to be a progressive society? Taming the voice for saying one’s heart out isn’t that against the Freedom of Speech thing???

Voice of a person is the personality of the human. Taming the voice means taming the person. Taming someone literally means making sure someone is easier to control.

Well, on that note, I don’t think all of us are Independent, yet. Some of us are trying to tame the others!

Please Stop it!

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Keep Reading! Keep Blogging! Be Free! Don’t be tamed! Don’t Tame!




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