Being Moderate: A To Z Challenge – Day 2

Day 2: Letter B

As I was growing up, I was been called names like, ‘Duffer, Fatso, Below Average’ so on and so forth. Honestly, it was all okay as they weren’t lies. As I grew up and realized my worth, I was been told I should have ‘moderate dreams’. Moderate Dreams? I was and still am confused with the term. How can dreams be moderate? Why would I dream about a guy who I can see on the railway station, I would rather think of Channing Tatum? They are dreams.
I was then explained that Channing Tatum is an option that is unreal and I understood. Obviously, he is in Hollywood and I haven’t made my passport, yet. After the happy realization moment, I decided not to dream of Channing Tatum. Later, I made visions, instead of dreams – I decided to be a writer. I was been told again, “You are supposed to be moderate.” Moderate, again?
Finally, I asked myself, “Do I deserve to be moderate?” My inner goddess leaped out and screamed, “Hell NOOO!!!” I do not believe in being moderate when it comes to me and my loved ones. I have always been choosy – Let that be my clothes or my friends (as you all know I have just one — That me being not moderate at all).
Being moderate, thinking moderate and dreaming moderate shouldn’t be accepted by anyone. Don’t you dare think that when I say ‘I am not moderate’, it means I am a high-maintenance girl I am not…  I am just not moderate. I have big dreams and I very well know I will achieve them all.
Am I Moderate!!??!!
No! Are you moderate??? Hell No! We all deserve to have the best that we have dreamed of.
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