Clarity and Confusions: #AToZChallenge – Day 3

Day 3 | Letter: C

There is an effing HIGH possibility of me failing the A to Z challenge this year. One because I don’t remember this is the month of April (Why you ask? Wait for the next post!) Two because I am working after 3 months of gap and I am unable to schedule the blogging time…

Have you ever been in a position where you just need clarity on every aspect of your life? I don’t know if it is normal for a 26/27 year old to have these thoughts wherein everything is falling apart, though everything is actually in place. Have there ever been a situation where you thought, “So what???” and the entire world around you were tensed about that situation?

I am in the phase at the moment in my life where I am 26 going to be 27 in 3 days and I have a feeling that everything is going away. I need clarity for everything and if I ask for clarity there are people who get upset. I asking for the clarity is making people go furious and if I don’t ask for it, I go crazy.

The other day, I asked a person at work for clarification on his thought process of ‘girls doing night shift’. Believe me guys this person was so furious that I thought he is going to burn me down.

Is this post confused and chaotic? Did you just nod in a YES!?!

Well then, Chaoticsoulzzz is back!!!

On that note you all have a good and productive day. I will figure out how to accommodate A To Z Challenge in my routine and get some ‘clarity’ on it.

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9 thoughts on “Clarity and Confusions: #AToZChallenge – Day 3

  1. This is normal girl – chaos is such an imminent part of life and its through it all only that we achieve and value clarity!
    All the best for the challenge 🙂


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