Adventure of an Indian Fat Blogger Girl

Sounds too self-bashing? That is what my best friend aka The Lost Soul would’ve told me. That title looks like all the words from the dictionary are used in one title. I am not prepared for the A to Z post but I wanted to start it, anyway. So I picked up a word with ‘A’ added a self-body-shaming word along with my nationality, gender and hobby – That’s how we make titles here, no?

The society is really very confused with their expectations. Some aunties say to slim girls, “Why don’t you eat something? Being so thin isn’t good!!” the same aunties tell a fat girl, “Why are you so fat? Who will marry you?” These aunties also have an opinion on skin color. They say, “Stop going in the sun, you will tan your fair skin.” They also like to chant the words, “Face mask, face pack, bleach…” to a dark skinned girl.

All that being said, what about boys? How come we do not have such guidelines for boys? Or do they have some that only boys know of? I haven’t heard anyone tell my brother, “Reduce weight or else how will you produce kids!!!” There is a possibility that it doesn’t affect their reproductive system.

Let’s justify the title now after a little ranting (which can by the way go on and on…)

Being fat has never been a problem for me. Being a fat girl blogger is no big deal as I am just accepting all the stereotypical opinion about a girl writer who is usually fat and survive on chocolates. However, it is not cool when a stranger assumes your hobby is writing when they see your size!!!

Honestly people, this is not even a blog post but worse than a rant.

Anyway, it is time to schedule some posts for B to Z!!!

P.S. I will be following the American Time, as I am now working for an American Process!!!

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Keep Reading! Keep Blogging! Love Thyself!




7 thoughts on “Adventure of an Indian Fat Blogger Girl

  1. That’s what Indian society is like, hypocritic. I still remember a post in which it was said that we call a girl unconscionable by distance between jeans and crop top but distance between saree and blouse is meant to be values. I hate this hypocrisy..

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  2. Love this blog – in and amongst society’s opinions of us, we must learn to love ourself too and sometimes that can be hard with so many stereotypes to live up to,

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  3. I so understand you bae.. Am a slim girl and i tell u it ain’t easy.. When we see a slim guy we go all woah he’s hot he’s cute but when we see a skinny girl we go all “add some flesh ” its tiring… But still all d bodyshamers cn take the low road to hell cause we rock no matter our body type

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