Interview Culture: The Truth and Lie Game – II

You should read the Part I before you start with this. Click Here!

Have job interviews ever given you a terrible headache? Have you ever been in a time in life when you are – unemployed, going for interviews 5 times a week and still getting no result? Are you tired of acting to be sweet and polite during interviews? And have you ever thought of having a mental breakdown during a job interview?

If yes, then you must read this blog post.

Being from service class, I know how crucial job interviews are. They get you a job that pays the bill. It is significantly important.
A job interview is just like school exams. You ask why?
Simple! In school, a child was judged on the basis of 2 hours of examination.
In a job interview, a person is judged on the basis of 10 minutes of talking.
I find job interviews and school exams, pointless. One cannot know a person and reject or accept them on the basis of 10 minutes or 2 hours.
Truth, Lie, Street Sign, Contrast
Here are the unacceptable truths and acceptable lies by a lot of companies:
Tell me something about yourself?
Acceptable Lie: I am a fun loving person and I work as a Team.
Unacceptable Truth: I talk in Sarcasm. I work in a team but the only thing is I am a born leader.
What is the reason for you leaving your last company?
Acceptable Lie: I was looking for growth and I couldn’t think of anything else beside your company.
Unacceptable Truth: I had a fight with my manager because her way of working wasn’t ethical. The company management was biased. Though they paid me very well and more than what you can afford but I had an ego clash with my manager, hence I decided to feed my ego by leaving the job, abruptly.
Why were you not working from December to February?
Acceptable Lie: I was working as a Freelancer and I have enhanced my skills in these two months.
Unacceptable Truth: I was at home and searching for a job. I also went into depression because of no job and piling of unpaid bills. The only job options I got were Sales and Marketing and I can’t work with targets so well. Also, I was lazing around at home watching TV and eating junk food.
Why did you chose our company?
Acceptable Lie: I have heard such good reviews about your company that I just knew, I am meant to be here and be a part of the family that is so huge and prospering.
Unacceptable Truth: Your HR team was the only ones who replied to my email. I had to come here. Plus you’ll pay a decent salary.
What are your strengths and weaknesses?
Acceptable Lie: My strength and weakness seems to be the same. It is me unable to say no. I tend to not say No and accept every task assigned to me, which becomes my strength and weakness.
Unacceptable Truth: My strength is, I work hard and I am way too better than every employee in your company, including the managers. I just know how to work efficiently. My weakness is I cannot tolerate bullshit and stupidity.
Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
Acceptable Lie: As a manager of this company.
Unacceptable Truth: I see myself as a Writer and my bestselling book on every counter of every bookstore, worldwide.
Why should we hire you?
Acceptable Lie: I am a hardworking soul.
Unacceptable Truth: I am the Best. Plus, technically you shouldn’t.
Wonder what would happen if people tell the truth? Well, maybe I should try saying the truth in interviews.
Anyway, are there more questions that HR could ask that can have a truth and lie to it? If yes, please comment below.
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