Annoying Things That Recruiters Do

Did you ever go to a job interview through consultancy services? Have I ever? Always!
I started off my career working as a job consultant. The job profile was pretty simple – Call and arrange people for interviews. Sounds easy? It wasn’t. Not a lot of people back then were looking for BPO jobs as it was a new child in the market. BPO’s took over our job industry recently to the level that every person you know is working for one or the other BPO.
Almost 5 years ago when I was working as an HR Recruiter, I was the ‘shy’ types, couldn’t speak much over the call. I started the trend of lining up people through ‘Orkut’ which was active back then.
Inside story: I also had my first adult crush during these days. ((Blush, Blush))
Me and my best friend worked together and was not the ‘sweet and sexy talker’. We were professional, to the point and nervous all the time. That was us.
As of today, the consultancy business is a different ball game altogether. I don’t know what training is given to them, but they have some common trends. Obviously, I have come across a lot of consultancy people and some of them are too annoying.
Here’s a list of annoying things, annoying recruiters do, now-a-days:
  1. They call you Back to back like your possessive ex.
  2. If the candidate is male there will be a female recruiter and vice versa and they don’t hesitate while flirting.
  3. They talk to you as if you’ll are best friends. I don’t think I talk to my best friend of 11+ years with such a ‘chilled out’ tone.
  4. They always ask you to tell a lie or two with regards to your resume.
  5. Once you get a job through them, they will irritate you for references.
I know they are doing their job, but a little professionalism would be good. Not all candidates are just out of college. I am a 96 year old trapped in a 26 year old body, I need respect!!!
This post is a fun post and not to criticize anyone. I have been one of them too and I know how it works, anyway – if there’s any head hunter reading this, you gets the whole point, please contact me, I need a job!!! ((Smiless)
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