What makes YOU unique???

In today’s highly competitive and social media obsessed world, we often find ourselves doubting and questioning our being. It’s not that we are not confident about ourselves yet we fall in the trap of this callous world around us and start to doubt the right and believe the wrong.

We tend to forget that God has made us all very differently not just physical appearance wise but also with our thinking, values, mood swings, temper, etc. Every time that we doubt ourselves, we doubt God and its creation. Some of you may say that “I don’t believe in God”, well, doesn’t matter. God’s existence is not obligated to our approval. Just the way you can’t see Air but feel it, cannot see noise but hear it, same is with God. God is nothing but the energy around us. It is this same energy that thrives within all of us and makes us who we are. And therefore, they say that God is within us.
Many of us feel that they are just like the rest, that there’s nothing special about them. To all of them I would like to say – You Are wrong! Absolutely wrong!  You ask “Why”? Read below to know:
  • No one can be You even if they try to be…
  • Your mom won’t love anyone more than she loves YOU.
  • Your epic mood swings are epic only because of YOU (this is especially for my Cancerian buddies out there.)
  • You have your unique sleeping style and no two people will sleep alike… I cannot comment about twins mainly because I haven’t got the chance to interact with any twin till date…LOL
  • Another person won’t be able to see things the way you see them that’s because you have your thought process and thinking ability.
  • The way you solve any problem or even face them makes you special. Every person has different ways in which they like to handle a situation/issue. And that makes YOU unique.
  • Your smile makes YOU unique and beautiful. Keep smiling! J
So all these reasons should be enough to realize that YOU are like no one and don’t ever degrade yourself thinking that there’s nothing special about you.
On that note, Always believe in yourself and Love thy Self!
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Live, Laugh & Love!
Lost Soul 🙂

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