Book Review: Just The Way You Are | Sanjeev Ranjan

I received the copy of this book from the author Sanjeev Ranjan, for an honest review. Hence, my review is completely unbiased and honest.

My first impression of the name of the book and book cover was pretty amazing as I expected a lot of romance from this book. I loved the colors used in the cover and the modern approach of a girl and boy lying down, pretty impressive. The cover displayed a happy place to me and it certainly made me smile.
The story is about Sameer and Shagun who are newly wedded but due to a dream job offer; Sameer has to leave for Switzerland, the next day of his wedding, leaving his newly wedded wife back at home. Shagun stumbles upon Sameer’s diary and what happens next is something you should find out yourself after reading the book.
Sameer, the protagonist is from a simple family that is extremely relatable to all of us. He is a normal guy, the guy next door who marries his girlfriend of three years. Sameer is the ‘good boy’ kinds that we have in our school and college and office. The conversation between Sameer and his mother makes quite a connection with the readers, as it is something that is going on, in every house hold of India. I really liked the characters in the book. The story of this book takes you back through the flashback, every now and then, which is quite interesting for me.
The book is a light-hearted love story and a story of a man who is trying to do some soul searching. It can be a good escort when travelling. The words used in the book are pretty simple and easy to understand, which makes it a fast reading novel. The book wouldn’t bore you in any way (it didn’t bore me). I finished reading the whole book in 3 days, though I am a fast reader.
I personally appreciate light-hearted romance and this certainly rang the right bells in my mind.
All in all, I liked the book and I think the writer of the book Sanjeev Ranjan has done a great job with the book. I am yet to read another book by Sanjeev, once that is done I would be posting a review of that too.
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