My Happy Place

It’s a white house and not dirty. It is the house from the Pinterest posts, just perfect. The first room has a gray couch, a small coffee table, a few chairs and television. The walls of the first room are occupied by wall decorations, photo frames.

The kitchen has everything that one needs – from beers to cold drink, Italian ingredients to Indian masalas. It also has a huge kitchen garden with the plants of chilies, garlic and a few herbs.

The bedroom has a huge queen size bed with the photographs of the best moments of the life on the wall. It has a huge window. The interior of the bedroom is again right from Pinterest.

The study/work room has a table in front of the window. It has a big book shelf with the most amazing collection of books and a small kitchen in the office, so that coffee and tea can be made in the office.

Work life is perfect, good salary, 9 to 5 job, 5 days a week and no work pressure that can’t be taken care of.

Everyone loves each other and there is no jealousy, no depression, and no hate. This is the life, everyone has dreamt of.

This is my ‘Happy Place’. What’s yours?

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