Second Life…

She tried to stop crying. She tried to get over the past. She tried to smile. She tried everything that people asked her to try to get off ‘The Depression’. She would’ve felt at ease, if people understood her, she thought. People thought she is sad and her mood swings were nothing but a monthly cycle. Her soul was crying; she could see it crying all day, every day.

She had a talk with herself, in front of the mirror. She laughed and then started crying. She cried until she got tired and took a decision. The scissor in her hand was a weapon, but her rescuer. She could think of only one option.

The voices in her head were asking her to do it. They said, “Do it! No one needs you as it is.” Her soul was in pain and she wished someone could see it. Then a voice said, “Why do you want someone to save you? Why do you need someone to see your soul’s pain? You feel the soul’s pain. You can see it. Isn’t that enough? Don’t do it! Don’t expect the world to see what you can see… Don’t expect them to save you. Save yourself!”

She threw the scissor and cried all day, that day!

Finally she decided to save herself from herself.

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