Har Har Mahadev

“A man becomes a Mahadev, only when he fights for good. A Mahadev is not born from his mother’s womb. He is forged in the heat of battle, when he wages a war to destroy evil. Har Har Mahadev – All of us are Mahadev.”
Amish Tripathi

The Lost Soul aka my BFF asked me a few weeks ago to write something on Shiva. I hesitated and thought I need time to draft a blog that has to be ‘Without any faults’ just like him. He aka Shiva is the ultimate favorite of every soul in this world. From the demon to the Gods, they all loved him and it is a mythological fact that Shiva accepted them all. I am sure my imperfect post will be accepted by him.

Shiva’s wedding ceremony as per mythological transcripts had every one in it from anybody to nobody. All the Gods and divine beings, all the asuras, demons, devils and ghosts – everyone came. He is known as ‘Pashupati’ for a reason, right? His wedding ceremony wouldn’t have excluded animals; animals of the nature were present to be a part of the Holy Matrimony of the two Sources of Energy. Shiva accepts all.

In today’s world, where we are fighting for ‘Equal Rights for all gender’, Shiva had made sure Parvati was nothing but his equal and that’s how we have ‘Ardhanarishvara’. My thoughts might have a modern approach but I am sure this is what Shiva was all about. Before the world existed, Shiva had given up his half to accommodate Parvati into it. Isn’t that what we are fighting for today? Maybe this is Feminism.

I haven’t been a dancer but yes I was blessed to learn a little bit of Bharatnatyam and that is when I learned that Shiva aka Natraj is the best dancer in the world. Listening to Shiv Tandava, one can only imagine a masculine body with the utmost feminine dance forms.

The world has always represented Lord Shiva as drunk and stoned. He is the ultimate epitome of Yog and with meditation and yoga; he found the entire garden of Marijuana within himself. Being drunk and stoned is different than being Shiva – When a person is terribly stoned and drunk but is alert and hundred percent stable, he is in a blissful state. This blissfulness is Shiva.

Shiva to me is not just God, he is Life. I do not believe in going to the temple, I am not a God fearing person. I believe that God is within me and he will bless me on the basis of my Karma and not on the basis of my Dharma. A lot of people might oppose this statement of mine but I have come to a conclusion that Shiva and Durga/Kaali are not just God, they are the only ones, I can go to when in distress.

What does Shiva mean to me?

I, as a believer and fan of Shiva consider him the modern God.

For me, Shiva is my Universe. When I perform Reiki/meditate, I can see him in my Third Eye Chakra. I consider he is always with me, guiding me, taking care of me. Every time I cry and get back normal, it’s him who brings me back to normalcy. I am sure he is sitting beside me, right now and smoking a chillum and reading this post.

I have always shamelessly and boldly said, if I ever get married, it would be to someone like Shiva and I mean it. Some might say, so you want a husband who smokes pot? Shiva smoked herbs/marijuana/pot/weed but was always in senses and though he was drunk and stoned, he never misbehaved with his wife.

Some might say, so you want someone who doesn’t have a family or doesn’t live in a civilized place? I would say, at least he didn’t leave his wife. Also, he did build a paradise for Parvati.

Some might say it is wrong of me, to want Shiva. I don’t want Shiva, I can never have Shiva, and He is already taken by Durga Maa. I want someone like Shiva, the one who respects, loves and can provide for his family.

In short, what does Shiva mean to me, LIFE and UNIVERSE!

May you all have the energy by Shiva this Maha Shivratri.

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Keep Reading! Keep Blogging! Love Thyself! Har Har Mahadev!



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