Chapter 26 | Jet Lag and Love Making


Adult Content Disclaimer
Shiv woke up Maya who was jet lagged and could hardly sleep. “New York!!!” Maya yelled while stretching and dragging herself to get out of the bed. Shiv was wearing shorts and T-shirt and had ordered coffee and some food. Maya looked at him and said, “I am not hungry. I think I am going to throw up, again.” Maya threw up two times since she came to the hotel room from the morning tea with Shyama. Maya ran to the washroom and Shiv stood right behind her, holding her hair while she was throwing up.

Maya asked Shiv to get her a hair clip and tie her hair so that she can get her puking business to happen in solitude. Shiv tied her hair and Maya sent him out. After a while Maya came out of the washroom and told Shiv, “I think you should go to the party alone.” Shiv looked at her and said, “I have asked the front desk to get some medicine and lime water for you.” Maya sat on the bed and threw her head back on the pillow. Shiv sat next to her and moved his hand through her head and said, “Chill for a while. You are not used to traveling for so long and hence you are jet lagged.” Maya closed her eyes trying to gather herself up.
Shiv was in the shower, while the room service came with two white tablets and a tall glass of lemonade. Maya thanked the server and gave him some cash as tip and closed the door behind. The server had told her to take both the tablets together for quick recovery. She took the tablets and gulped in a huge sip of lemonade. The lemonade was cold and she liked the lemon-y flavor. She sat by the balcony looking at the new city she was in. She wanted to be a tourist and see the entire place and she cursed her health. She thought to herself, “How can I be sick? I never fall sick!”  Just when she was trying to convince herself that she is fine she heard Shiv’s phone ring.  She went back to the room and asked Shiv who was in the bathroom, “You have your phone on? You know you will be charged for roaming?” Shiv laughed and opened the door standing there in a towel wrapped around his waist and still wet from the hot shower. Maya couldn’t resist but to look at Shiv from top to bottom. Shiv said, “I can’t switch off my phone and as a matter of fact, you also have your phone on, right?” She said, “I have removed my Sim card in India, I have the Wi-Fi on. I am smarter. I am not paying a fortune to the telephone company.” Shiv smiled and stood close to her and said, “By the way, I asked Sameer about the dress code and he decoded the mystery.” Shiv continued, “He said for males it is T-shirt, jeans, jacket – Smart casuals and for females it can be a dress or jeans.” Maya said, “So we were correct when we assumed the dress code meaning.” Shiv smiled and Maya was astonished to see that he had unpacked their bags and kept the clothes in the wardrobe of the room. Maya took a sip of the lemonade and hugged Shiv from behind while he was looking at the wardrobe.
Shiv turned behind and hugged Maya and said, “I love you…” Maya smiled and kissed his bare chest. Shiv asked her, “Are you feeling okay?” She nodded in a yes and said, “I guess I should take a hot shower too.” Shiv smiled and asked, “Should I join you?” She smiled and said, “Not now, we are already late.” Shiv picked up Maya and threw her on the bed and asked, “Are you sure?” He started kissing Maya while Maya was trying to gather her breath and hugged Shiv and started responding to the kisses. She opened her mouth to taste him. Shiv couldn’t resist but to taste her. Maya started biting his lower lip while he moaned and wanted the whole of Maya. He undressed her and didn’t realize he was naked this whole time when he started kissing Maya. Shiv tasted every bit of her and Maya kept moaning in pleasure. Shiv’s manhood was at the peak and wanted to feel Maya to the core. Shiv slowly pushed himself in Maya while Maya held his shoulder in pain. Shiv made love to her with passion. He kept kissing her while he was still inside of her. They moaned together and Shiv let his entire body weight on Maya. Maya hugged him tighter but was suffocated with his body weight. She kissed Shiv on the forehead and asked him lay down besides her. He crawled out of Maya body and went to the right side of the bed and spread his arms, while Maya made her way into his arms. They cuddled for a while. 
Maya smiled and told Shiv, “I think you should join me in the shower now.” Shiv smiled and said, “Yes, but I have no energy left now.” Maya said, “Well, you need to get some energy back as we have to attend your friend’s marriage thing-y.” Shiv sighed and got up and carried Maya to the shower. He looked at the bath tub and said, “Do we have time for a cozy bath tub soak?” Maya nodded in a no and laughed. They showered together and Shiv did manage to get some energy back. Maya was more than satisfied with the sexual connection with Shiv.
They wore the bathrobes and stepped out of the shower. Maya took out a little black dress, while Shiv wore a white t-shirt and jeans; he skipped the jacket as he found it funny. Maya stood in front of the mirror to blow dry her hair while Shiv was checking emails. Maya’s dress was till her knees. It had long sleeves and was flowing on her body. She blow dried her hair and straightened them a little. She applied a bright pink matte lipstick and applied a generous amount of kajal in her eyes. She ended it with perfume. Shiv asked, “Are you done?” She looked at herself and said; “Yes” She took out her jewelry bag to wear a pair of small earrings and a bracelet. She wore her flat black ballerina and took her sling bag and put her phone, lipstick and a chewing gum in it and said, “I am ready, are you?” Shiv looked at her with a sparkle in his eyes. He walked up to her, gave her a kiss on the lips and said, “Now I am.”
They entered the party, hand in hand.


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