How to cheer up your best friend after their break-up?

Best friends are soul mates for a reason. They are the ones who understand you even with no words. Break up are less painful when you have best friends around you – Let that be a man or a woman. After a break-up, all a person needs is his/her best friend.

As a best friend for almost 10+ years to one single person, I think I am the certified person to tell you what needs to be done by a Best Friend if the other one is going through a break-up phase. Also, please note that, these are completely my logic and what works best for me and my best friend (maybe).

Without blabbering a lot, let’s get back to the topic for today.

5 Luxurious Ways to Cheer up your Best Friend:

I am sure you have your relationship to take care of and maybe there are a few hurdles there too, but as a best friend it is your duty to take care of your best friend when they are going through the ‘I am normal’ mode. This is the most dangerous mode as your best friend won’t disclose how painful the break up is and would instead say, “I am fine, really! This break up is the best thing ever!” It is not!!!

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  1. Parties:

Not all of them loves to party, but they all do want to go out with their best friends somewhere where they can’t hear the world but just music. You being the best friend it’s your duty to either arrange a party or take your best friend to a night club where the music will make them forget their pains or let them vent out all that is there in their heart.

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  1. Healthy Retreats:

People who live in cities usually get worked up with all the city noise and pollution and work and really forget how important relations are. Your best friend is going through a break up, they might be not accepting, but yes they are hurt and this moment they might be blaming themselves.

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You can take your best friend for the weekend to a meditation center or some yoga retreats sort of place. Peace is all they need and peace accompanied with your company is a must for them.

  1. Takeaways:

Food, wine and your company is what your best friend needs. No one wants to stay alone at home and watch Bridget Jones’ on repeat and cry for their Mr. Darcy. As a best friend you have to take a lot of Chinese, alcohol or wine and be with your best friend and watch Sex and the City on repeat!!!

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  1. Movie Night Date:

Do you have a best friend with a certain favorite movie star? Do you think looking at their movie will make your best friend happy? Then why are you even reading this — Why don’t you book a ticket for your best friend and you, and take them out for a movie night date?

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  1. Weekend Getaway:

We all love our best friends more than the guy we are dating. However, we tend to take our best friends for granted at times. They did it too when they were in a relationship and you will do it too, it is a normal behavior. Sometimes, all we need to do is express love by surprising them. Have you ever thought how your best friend would react to a phone call from you saying: “Pack your bags for the weekend we are leaving in 1 hour”? Your best friend would pack their bag faster than a Ninja.

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I am not suggesting that these are the only things that can cheer up your best friend, at times only taking out time and listening to them is enough. These are the top 5 luxurious ways to cheer up your best friend.

What are the other luxurious ways to cheer up your best friend? Please comment below.

And always remember — Sisters before Misters!!!

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