How to Move On from a Break-Up?

After break-up, comes the ‘Moving On’ Phase. This phase is considered to be very difficult for obvious reasons – You are no longer talking to your (now) Ex, You are not meeting them or bumping into them, there’s absolutely no way you want to spend more time crying, so on and so forth.

Every person has a Superpower of Moving On, not everyone can use this Superpower, but the one who can, succeeds in all walks of life. 

Every person has their individual mechanism to break up and mechanism to move on. Moving on means the break up is over and you’ve shed enough tears and you’ve stopped asking ‘Google’ about: “How to get my Ex back?” Moving on is way beyond all of this.

Here are 3 Things you HAVE to do to actually Move on:

  1. Me Time:

You might have had a lot of ‘Me Time’ during the break-up phase and you have spent a good amount of time with yourself in a bedroom or bathroom. But at that time you had your ex partner on your mind, the whole time. I know it; I have been in the same situation.

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Now is the time to actually have some ‘Me Time’. Do things that you really love to do – let that be sleeping in, eating junk, starting a blog, etc. Spend the time for you; invest a day or two or more for YOU. Here are some things you can do to treat yourself after a break-up.

  1. Healthy Living:

Healthy living is not only diet, work out but also meditation or any sort of spirituality. Spirituality is something every person should get involved in. I am not commenting about your religion here, but following and believing that there is something higher than you and asking for answers from that higher authority is also spirituality.

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I believe in a higher form of authority and I do believe in the Law of Attraction. I am not positive all the time, but there are times when I get what I manifest and that’s possible only through belief in the Universe (aka whatever you want to name it as). Healthy living will help you know yourself better and in a much deeper way.

  1. Forget the past and Forgive yourself:

You might have done things in the past in the relationships that lead to the break up. There is a possibility you were one of me, who broke up and then prayed everyday for a miracle and him to contact you. We all have done foolish things in the past and; now is the time to forgive ourselves. These are not mistakes, these are lessons.

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Forgetting about the ex partner and the moments you have had with them is next to impossible, because you have been happy once. The past relationship had made you smile at least once? So it’s now time to forget the bad memories and cherish the good ones. But again, don’t fall for the same trap while trying to cherishing the good memories.

These were the Three to do things that I am following at the moment, in order to Move on.

You can also find some Breakup Mechanisms here.

Do you have more mechanisms for moving on? If yes, please comment below.

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Keep Reading! Keep Blogging! Love Thyself! Be Strong and Focussed!

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