Chapter 21 | Making Love


Shiv was very happy to be living the life he wanted with Maya – they lived and traveled together. While Shiv was really happy, Maya questioned herself. She wondered if she was living the life she wished for. It had been a week since they had come to Delhi and Maya was getting sick of the place. Maya decided to write a post for her personal blog. She hadn’t written anything since she had been engaged to Shiv. She was happy about being with Shiv, but she was missing something in life. She wanted to talk to someone. She was done with her life going so perfect. She was feeling nauseated with all the happiness.

Maya was lying on the bed and didn’t want to get up to another day. Shiv on the other hand was standing in front of Maya wearing a fresh white crisp shirt with black trousers and looking handsome as ever. Maya wondered, “Am I feeling this way, because I’m missing sex?” She shrugged a little and walked towards the bathroom to freshen up. She was wearing red short shorts with a yellow tank top. She walked past Shiv and gave him a smile. Shiv couldn’t stop following her. Maya looked hot in her shorts, and she knew it very well.

Shiv held her by her waist making sure her body touches him completely. Maya let her body go with the flow of Shiv’s. He slowly started kissing the back of her neck and she wanted for more. Maya turned around and looked into his eyes and then to his lips. She parted her lips, inviting his. Shiv started kissing her slowly on the lips, while Maya closed her eyes and enjoyed his small bites on her lips. His hands went up the t-shirt feeling her bare back and slowly reaching the side of her bosoms; she shuddered while his hands found the way. She made him lie on the edge of the bed while she unfastened his trousers, relieved his briefs over his hips, and brushed the length of his erection with her palm before taking him in her mouth. He moaned, he sighed and shut his eyes, while Maya went up to his ears and whispered, “Look at me”. Shiv was wondering how unbelievably good it felt to be with Maya.

Shiv looked at her while Maya was working n the magic and her eyes glued on Shiv’s. Shiv then pulled her and they were now face to face, his tongue found her lips and his hands found a way in between her legs. Her shorts were the obstacle, but Shiv positioned his fingers, to give her the pleasure she deserves. Maya shut her eyes completely off, enjoying every stroke by Shiv’s finger. After some quivering and tense moments with Shiv, Maya fell on her side of the bed. She was tired and was breathing heavily. Shiv was lying just beside her with his eyes shut off too. Shiv turned towards Maya and kissed her on her forehead. Maya looked at him and couldn’t control her feelings no more.

She said, “Enough of your hands. Use your magic wand now…” Shiv couldn’t control but laughed and when Maya realized that he is laughing at her, she turned to her side of the bed and frowned. Shiv hugged her from the back and started kissing the back of her neck. Maya couldn’t control her moans. She turned towards Shiv and placed her lips on his. Shiv parted his lips to bite Maya’s lower lip, he sucked on her lips for quite some time, while his hands exploring her whole body. Maya’s hand found his manhood, once again at its utmost glory. Shiv ripped off the clothes left on Maya and took her to the magical world. After 30 minutes they both were relieved. Breathing heavily and wrapped in the arms of each other was such a serene sensation. Just in time, the door bell rang. Shiv gathered his clothes and started getting dressed, while Maya picked up a night gown from her closet and wore it, to open the door.

The house help was there and she looked at Maya’s flushed skin and smiled. She then saw Shiv coming out of the bedroom and sitting on the couch. She had a shy smile and went to the kitchen to prepare them some tea and breakfast. Maya raised her eyebrows and looked at Shiv with a smirk. Shiv was blushing and they both burst into laughter. Shiv decided to take the day off and spend it with Maya. He asked Maya to inform Sheila that she can prepare the breakfast and clean the rooms and leave. Maya told the same to Sheila and sat with her mobile on the couch next to Shiv and said, “I feel a little lost.” Shiv held her hand and asked, “Why? What happened?” Maya said, “I really don’t know but there’s something missing. Maybe I am missing living alone. I love you, but I just don’t want to turn up like a trophy girlfriend.” Shiv smiled and told her, “I am sorry. You are travelling and out of house only because of me! I am really sorry. New York would be the last for this year. Once we’re back, I will work from Pune and whenever have to go to Mumbai or come to Delhi, I would travel alone. Okay?” Maya smiled but still missed something. She needed to know what it was.

After having a heavy breakfast, neither Shiv nor Maya were in the mood to go out or work from home. They were too tired and wanted to sleep. Shiv decided to take a nap in the bedroom while Maya assured him, she would be there in a while. Maya started her laptop and lied on the couch; she opened her personal blog that had been shut off for months. She was shocked to see so many notifications. Her regular readers were going crazy with her whereabouts and Maya had a genuine smile on her face. She decided to write a ‘Life Update’ post to keep her readers updated. She was over whelmed to see the response within minutes of her publishing the post. She replied to a few comments and then went to the bedroom to take a nap.

Maya woke up to Shiv’s handsome face and she wondered, if she slept for days. This was the best sleep Maya had in months. Shiv told her it was only 6 in the evening and he has made dinner reservations. He asked her to dress up as it is a date and he saw the sparkle in Maya’s eyes. Maya asked him, why a date all of a sudden and he said, “I am a reader and I follow your blogs, so I was glad to know that you’ve made us a public figure.” Maya smiled and thanked him with a kiss and jumped into the shower. She felt a little notorious that day, so she left the door open.

Shiv was over the phone while he heard Maya in the shower. He disconnected the call and stood there and looked at Maya. He slowly opened the door and admired her. She was lathering her body with shower gel and Shiv kept looking at her. She opened her eyes to get some shampoo and saw Shiv standing and was scared but then smiled at him and continued to shampoo her hair. Shiv entered the shower holding Maya from the behind. Maya had jitters all over her body. She could feel his warm breath on her neck. Shiv was feeling every inch of Maya’s curves. Maya jolted when his hands reached in between her legs. She turned around while water flowing through them. He helped her shampoo her hair. Maya couldn’t stop moaning in the shower. Shiv couldn’t keep his manhood under the covers and shed all his clothes and was standing under the shower with Maya, the love of his life.

There was no space between them; they made love two times in the shower. Maya’ body had an ache already. She wore a red dress with her black flats and accessorized it with silver studs and bracelets. She kept her hair down and took a jacket with her. Shiv was smartly dressed in his blue jeans and black shirt with the sleeves rolled up back. Just when Shiv got a call from the cab driver that he was waiting downstairs, he saw Maya enter the living room with a clutch in her hand. He looked at her, she looked lovely every time she wore those pink lipsticks and did that extra thing on her eye with the kaajal…’, thought Shiv to himself. He held her hand and touched the engagement ring and told her, “You look beautiful. Should I cancel the date and we stay at home?” She blushed and nodded in a yes! He laughed and said, “Well, then! Let’s grab something to eat and come back soon, because I cannot wait any longer.” They laughed, kissed and left for some dinner.

That night Maya had no time to think if something is missing in her life. She was content, tired and up all night with Shiv.


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