Year Ending Post: Post Break up!

Who doesn’t like falling in love? I used to be one of those types who hated men and was a sexist. I believed that any relationship that has a man in it, FAILS!

Then I met someone very special, he wooed me and swept me off my feet and I had my first kiss. It was all so flowery. Then, he turned out to be a jerk and I moved on and forgot him. I signed up for a rebound relationship. Not only rebound for me but for the other guy too. He was sweet, well-mannered and claimed that he loved me. We spent almost 2 years 9 months, in this span we broke up a lot of times and then patched up again. I had the best of times with this guy and I was happy. There came a time when it was the best that we both break up and we did.

Breaking up isn’t the difficult part. The turmoil begins when you wake up the next day and you realize the break up was real and you’re single. It sounds good to be single, but the reality hits hard. Every morning used to be a ‘Good Morning’ text and the day ended with a ‘Good Night’ Text. The number of calls reduces and you spend the day thinking: “Why?” Then one night at 3 AM, you feel like sending him a text, and when you go on Whatsapp, you see him already online but not chatting with you and your heart sinks. His status would be ‘Available’ and his DP would be a smiling picture and a gang sign of himself, where he has cropped you. The knife of sadness just went through your heart and has made a big hole!?!

Now you start crying till the time, you don’t get tired. You talk to your best friend and you are in the Girl Power mode. “I don’t need him, anyway” is your motto, when you are with your girl friend. But when she leaves, you go back to the “Why?” mode.

After all of that arrives the Stalking mode – Facebook, Google, Email you will find him everywhere you can. And if you see a happy post of his that has 13 likes from different girls, your heart will be in the war mode! Though you broke up with him, but at times all you need is for Him to be sad. So now you know, he has moved on and you’ve blocked him and blocked his family, you cry some more and then have sleepless nights talking to your BFF.

The tears have dried up, you have watched Sex and The City 1 and 2, million times by now, started a fitness regime, reading Fifty Shades of Grey again and all is good and then one day, you get a Whatsapp Message: “Hey! Missing you so much!” And you go like – Woaah Woah WOah!!! Not a message from your most recent ex.

Anyway, if you reply to it, you’re giving him a second chance and if you’re not you are moving on. It completely depends on you if you want to move in or move on!!!

Until then keep commenting!!! Also, in love with this song.

Keep Reading! Keep Liking! Keep Blogging! Love yourself!


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