The below write-up is by my best friend –Shrabani whose blogging name would be ‘The Lost Soul’.

She has very well mentioned about Our Decisions. I am sure a lot of us would be able to relate to it!?!

In our daily lives we come across so many situations where we have to make a decision. What to wear? What to eat? Should I say this? Should I do this? Etc. These decisions are mostly impulsive and easy to make depending on the level of CHAOS we have in our mind. But more often than not we can take the decision quite quickly and easily.

Then there are times when we are faced with certain scenarios where all our wit leaves our side and we end up taking a very thoughtless decision which we are sure to regret in the later time. But what’s life without a little bit of risk and adventure, right?

They say that our decisions are what makes or breaks us. Agreed? And that is because our decision in our daily life actually makes the road for how our future would be like.

For a person like me who has a very confused and chaotic mind it becomes a difficult task to take any decision and then stand by it. Most of my decisions are impulsive and without much thought. And the decisions which are give time to think about ends up being scrapped by me altogether. Hence, waste of time and energy. LOL!!!

If my BBF is the Chaotic Soul then I am, the one who’s lost in that chaos making me the Lost Soul? Hey, I got a name for my blogging self… The Lost Soul!  J  Let me know if you guys like the name…  (Please comment below)

I’m a person who gets easily influenced by others. I tend to make my decisions based on how it’ll affect others (others meaning my near and dear ones). No matter how much I try to just think about myself to take decisions, I end up thinking about my loved ones before taking any important decision; even if that means hurting myself in the process. My family and friends (read BFFs) is the only people I live for. However, I have a tendency of being friendly with most of the people around me and giving them my support whenever required. Perks of being a typical Cancer-ian!

Many of us also have the tendency to think about our decisions pre and post making it. Pre-thinking is acceptable and understandable. But thinking about a decision once it has been taken can be very exhausting, talking from personal experience here.

So think about your decisions as much as you want to before it’s made. But once the decision is made don’t drain yourself thinking over it. Just go with the flow!

Thoughtful or Reckless? Meaningful or Baseless? Sensible or Stupid? Your decisions are YOURS only. Make them… Live them… Never be apologetic about them. It’s your life and you’re the decider of it.

On that note please know that “It is in your moments of decision that your destiny is shaped”

Live, Laugh and Love!!!


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