Girl-O-Pedia: Replying to Texts

After the patch up from a fight with your boyfriend, a girl does decide, “I will not reply to his text for 4 hours”. However, we fail every time. For us girls, texting is a big deal. There are multiple reasons for a girl to get angry, when a guy she loves doesn’t revert to her texts.

Basic Reasons:-

  1. As it is you guys won’t type paragraphs and would reply in one word or two words, so how much time does it takes to reply to those texts from her?
  2. She has planned the date, done the booking, and informed you about the details and all she is asking for are ONE EFFING CONFIRMATION.
  3. You were the one who started texting her when you’ll started dating and texted non-stop with no sleep in eyes, but now replying an ‘Okay’ seems a lot!?! Vague!

We, as in girls, consider texts as no calling mode. So when you say, you can’t talk, you never cleared that Texting is talking.

What irritates us more?

  • You have all the time to text to your guy friends asking if the football night is still on, but when it comes to the girlfriend, it is HARDWORK to reply to a simple text. I understand that we girls never stop at one text, but we also understand if it is a boy’s night out! If we are still questioning you on your Boy’s night out, it is because, the trust factor is a little low! In order to not get any texts on such occasions, you have to build the trust strongly.
  • During Sexting, texts never seem to be too much for guys! Isn’t it weird – the same girl and the same amount of texts but the response changes?
  • Four hours to reply to one text. How difficult can it get to reply “Hi” to a simple “Hi”? And what’s the use of replying, “I am sorry baby”, when you really aren’t sorry.
  • You have the time to sext her and immediately after the sexts over, you fall asleep? How’s that even possible? It is a little suspicious when you aren’t replying to a: “Baby when you are planning to sleep?” Or “How was your day, today?” but are available to reply to a: “Here’s what I am wearing now.”
  • You are online, I can see. You are not replying for one minute – acceptable; two minutes – understandable; five minutes – considerable; but one hour and you’re still online! What have you slept with your WhatsApp On???

Women are complicated for men, I understand that. But texting was invented by a man – Friedhelm Hillebrand and it is very easy to use the messaging system. It isn’t a task to talk to your girlfriend via messaging, especially when she is going through a rough day. She is not expecting to meet you and talk to you in person for hours, but she expects timely responses on the text message.

A humble request to all the boyfriends and husbands reading this – Please reply on time!

A request to all the ladies out there – please understand that men are not good with words. Pun intended.

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